Ainnova Tech: AI To Diagnose Brain Cancer And Save Human Lives 2020

Ainnova Tech: AI To Diagnose Brain Cancer And Save Human Lives 2020
Ainnova Tech

I interviewed Marcos Vinicio Vargas Co-Founder & CEO and Rodrigo Herrera, CTO at Ainnova Tech. Established in Costa Rica and Singapore Ainnova Tech is a on the mission to provide AI to diagnose brain cancer and save human  lives.

Are you interested on how to diagnose brain cancer by AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Then jump to the point 4: How does BrainTD (AI to diagnose Brain Cancer) work?

Video Introduction:

Why did you create Ainnova Tech?

Our CTO and partner, Rodrigo Herrera and me, we have been always around technology and we are very passionate about how it can make things more productive and faster than our human capabilities. We agreed that due to the current computing, storage, and available technologies, this is the perfect time to start a technology start-up based on artificial intelligence, such as Ainnova Tech.

About Vinicio Vargas – Co-Founder & CEO.

Vinicio Vargas Ainnova Tech

My name is Vinicio Vargas I am a passionate entrepreneur, with a high dose of innovation in what I do. Curious since childhood, entrepreneur since I have memory. I was always a dreamer and I became good at making things happen. However ambitious my goals may be, I trace them realistically until the goals are reached. We have done everything without financing. The time will come when we need investment capital to expand and grow to the level we seek.


About Rodrigo Herrera  – Co-Founder & CTO.

Rodrigo Herrera - Ainnova Tech2

CTO. Rodrigo Herrera is a computer science engineer with a master’s degree in Big Data and Business Intelligence from NextIBS & Lleida University in Spain, Broadcom Networking and Linux Certified.
Also, he is a Data Science engineering bachelor teacher at LEAD University and Lead of the organization Saturdays.AI_Costa Rica.

What is Ainnova Tech’s Mission and Vission?.

We aim to provide effective solutions that save human lives and empower human abilities by Artificial Intelligence.

What makes Ainnova Tech different?

The key that has helped us to make stronger our relationship with partners is communication, merging forces to reach the main goal to provide the best service and products to our customers.

Part of our commitment is to explain the products to our customers and we achieve it, by the invitation received for the International AI-SHOW Madrid event in October 2019, where visitors got excited to have the unique LATAM Startup within a Health Care Solution (BRAIN TD) available in the market.

How does BrainTD (AI to diagnose Brain Cancer) work?

At the core of BrainTD development is huge amounts of data; in this case, images of previous tumor detection. The advanced computer processors then synthesize the images. Based on the inputted data, the computer is programmed to identify tumors from an image by understanding differences between normal cells and abnormal cells (tumors) from the several complex patterns.

Machine Learning Capabilities.

The software also includes machine learning (ML) capability. From ML support, the tumor detection appliance keeps getting better as it learns to solve problems autonomously. This ML feature is important in keeping up with the dynamics of tumor detection.

BrainTD’s performance improvement based on ML will require additional training using more tumor imaging to guarantee more impressive performance.

Artificial Neural Networks.

BrainTD’s systems also comprise of artificial neural networks; a computer-modeled system cloning that of the human brain. The neural networks improve the ability of the computers to learn by themselves the art of completing tasks with minimal programming. They too, contribute to improved efficiency of the tool.

What makes BrainTD different?

BrainTD makes the difference at the moment to be trained with more than 10,000 classified images to provide an accurate result on the classification of the tumor and alert the medical resources to prioritize the cases to be analyzed and save a human life.

It looks impressive, Could you share more about your Ainnova Tech Roadmap?

BrainTD Product is ready and it keeps learning from our customer’s inputs. At this moment, we are working in additional products for healthcare, financial markets, and security, which we expect to have it in the first 3 months of 2020 ready for the market and by the end of 2020 we expect to have more than 5 solutions implemented in our customer’s side.

We are currently developing commercially viable projects with a high impact on society and a high sense of innovation, which can save lives and make waiting times more efficient for a patient, through artificial intelligence.

How to get in contact with Ainnova Tech?

By Ainnova Tech’s website:

You can find more information at Ainnova Tech website:

By e-mail and telephone:

However, if you want to get in contact with us directly please, send an email or call directly to us:

  • Vinicio Vargas: and (+506)8509-4546
  • Rodrigo Herrera and (+506)8888-2072

By its Social Networks:

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