11+ Angel Investors Estonia for your Startup

11+ Angel Investors Estonia for your Startup

Angel Investors Estonia played a pivotal role in making the country among the leading startup ecosystems in Europe. With a population of only 1.3 million, the country has attracted half-billion dollars in a short period of one and a half years. If we say that Estonia has utilized technology to scale-up processes, it won’t be wrong. From tax filing to all other services are provided online in the country.

Talking about the startup ecosystem, Skype, Transferwise, Springhub, Playtech, and Bolt are some of the Estonian Unicorn Startups. We have made a list of angel investors Estonia that will help the entrepreneurs looking for investments to initiate their business idea.

11+ Angel Investors in Estonia

Here is the angel investors’ Estonia list.

Andrus Purde

The first name in our list of angel investors Estonia is Andrus Purde. He is a business graduate from the Estonian Business School who has been trying to improvise the marketing with the technology. Mr. Purde has worked at some notable positions and helped organizations grow through marketing, including Skype and Piperdive. He identifies himself as an investor and martech entrepreneur. Some of the startups funded by Mr. Purde include Bolt, Dashbird, Chat Create, Hugo, Jatri, and Omnisend. He has also co-founded a startup under the name of the Tallin Comedy Festival. For more information about this marketing enthusiast, visit his profile at


Argo Vikrebau

Argo Vikrebau is among the angel investors Estonia, who has been part of the startup marathon for over two decades. Currently, he is the CEO at Ekspress Meedia. The expertise of Mr. Vikrebau is in finance, telecom, media & technology startups. He identifies himself as a good communicator and analyst. He has also worked as the CEO and CFO of Tele2 Esti AS.


Dag Ainsoo

He is one the angel investors Estonia who is very active participator in the startup scene of the country. Mr. Ainsoo has done his business graduation and joined the marathon of entrepreneurship and investments in 2008. Since then, he has invested and co-founded several startups including StoreDNA, SmartAD, Click and Grow, and System Capital. Currently, Mr. Ainsoo is working as the managing partner of Startup Wise Guys, and Estonian Business Angel Network. For more information about them you can find at their profile:


Gerri Kodres

After completing his graduation from Stockholm School of Economics, Gerri started his career as an entrepreneur and investor. He was working as a Business Development Director at a couple of startups that made him a polished gem. His experience includes notable startups like One SIA, Mgine Technologies, Reach-U, and Fortumo. Later on, he practically ventured himself into angel investing and entrepreneurship and has founded Wiser Financial Advisors and United Angel VC. Are you interested in more information? You can find at his linkedin profile:


Henri Treude

Another graduate of Estonian Business School, Mr. Henri Treude, is the next on our list of angel investors Estonia. He has a vast experience in entrepreneurship and angel investing. His journey started more than 20 years ago with the position of director of marketing at Starman AS. Later on, he started to invest his time and efforts in different startups and enjoyed diverse positions. Kliff and Klaus Photostudio, Visitret Displays, Estonian Business Angels Network, IoT technologies, and Cgates are just a few names. Currently, he is working as a managing partner at Spring Capital. For more information about him, visit his profile at


Ivar Siimar

The next name on our list of angel investors Estonia is Ivar Siimar, who is currently working as a Finnish Business Angels Network member. Ivar’s experience in the field of entrepreneurship is spread over a decade. He has been associated with many startups. Some of them include Cleveron Ltd, Defendec Ltd, Startup Wise Guys, Estonian Business Angels Network, and Clipman. He has also co-founded a business venture under the name of Trind Ventures. For more information, visit his profile at


Jaak Roosaare

Mr. Jaak Roosare is a jack of all trades, including investment, blogging, entrepreneurship, and real estate. He is currently enjoying the position of the CEO at Europe1 Ventures and founding partner at Scandium. He is also a graduate of Estonian Business School that makes him a natural business enthusiast and entrepreneur. He has also been working as Senior District Sales Manager at Southwestern Advantage. For more information, visit his profile at


Jevgeni Kabanov

He is among the angel investors Estonia, who is working at the intersection of technology and the real world. Mr. Jevgeni has a rich experience in entrepreneurship and investments. He has founded Jrebel, Zero Turnaround, e-Scooters, Food delivery, and Bolt. Currently, Jevgeni is working as the CEO of Bolt. Jevgeni Kabanov is a business enthusiast who believes in making the world a better place by integrating technologies in physical marketplaces. For more information, visit his profile at


Kaspar Hanni

The next name on our list of angel investors Estonia, is Kaspar Hanni, an Estonian Business School graduate and he is currently working as the management board member at Ekspress Grupp. Mr. Hanni has expertise in business development and advisory services. He has ten years of solid experience working at Microsoft as Head of Software Asset Management and Compliance. He is actively investing in different fast-growing companies around Estonia. For more information, visit his profile at


Kristjan Raude

Kristjan Raude is a consultant, marketer, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Kristjan has experience of over 15 years in the marketing & sales and grown revenues of over $30 million. Mr. Kristjan is an angel investor who is mostly interested in the startups around Estonia. He has been a lead investor at Upsteam, and Promoty and founded a startup under the name of Impact, and is a board member of Estonian Business Angels Network. For more information, visit his profile at


Kuido Lepik

The final on our list of angel investors Estonia is Kuido Lepik, who has graduated as an Electronics Engineer from Tallinn University of Technology. He is a full-time investor and entrepreneur with expertise in business development, entrepreneurship, business strategy, and Software development. Some of the major investments made by Kuido Lepik includes Exxi, Bike-ID, Timbeter, and Signiti. For more information, visit his profile at


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