AuthUSB: Cybersecurity Vendor For USB Attacks 2019

AuthUSB: Cybersecurity Vendor For USB Attacks 2019

I interviewed to the Co-founders from AuthUSB. An innovative Cybersecurity vendor from Spain. So, let’s go with why María Cobas and Estefanía Soto created this Cybersecurity Startup Vendor.

About you

AuthUSB S.L. is a spanish vendor of added value technology with innovative solutions in the Cybersecurity area.

Our experience is based on the ICT and Cybersecurity sector. Since our inception we have given support to R&D departments of some of the Spanish companies with greater international presence, integrating our solutions in their critical structures.
We had focused our entire business force in developing solutions on the basis of the deficiencies detected in the market and those which our customers demand.

What kind of solutions are you focused on?

An electronic device connected to a computer’s USB port is a potential threat, not only because of the viruses it may contain but also because it can cancel the protective physical barriers and/or introduces hardware threats which are unnoticeable to antiviruses.

There are three levels when it comes to unit attacks:

  • Software attacks (Malware).
  • Hardware attacks (BadUSB).
  • Electric attacks.

The aim of these threats is access, compromise, disable and modify the credentials of the one being attacked.

Through it, they will also access the corporative network, gaining access to the information pertaining the organizations.

AuthUSB’s SafeDoor protects against all these threats – modified hardware, electric risk and viruses- with a patented system (registered patent number P201730080, awarded 08/01/2019), assessed by an independent laboratory and certified by the LINCE methodology from the Spanish Centre of Cryptology (CNN-Cert). Because of this, our solution has been included in the CPSTIC catalogue.

AuthUSB’s Solutions has also been bestowed the highest rank within the National System of Security (ENS).


It has also been included in the catalogues of several national agencies: Incibe, DGAM (general management within the army) amongst others. SafeDoor is specially designed with defence departments, the army and critical infrastructures in mind.

How do you help to its customers and partners?

We help Industrial Facilities, Critical Infrastructures, Army, Public Administration and other customers to deal with the rising number of cyber threats, in a very specific field of application, Cyberattacks through USB devices.

What makes SafeDoor different?

Safe Door has a registry of patent, submitted in January 2017 and granted in January 2019.
Currently commercial products, related to the protection of USB vulnerabilities, only deal with software vulnerabilities, therefore SafeDoor is the ONLY solution in the market who can deal with the three vulnerabilities (Software, Hardware and Electrical).

How to get in contact with AuthUSB? Including Social Networks.

You can contact AuthUSB by its web:

Or by its Social Networks:


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