Behavee: An Opensource Hyper-Personalization SaaS Startup 2020

Behavee: An Opensource Hyper-Personalization SaaS Startup 2020

I interviewed the Co-Founders at Behavee: Tomáš Pluhařík, Marketa Franke and Michal Turna. Behavee , an Opensource Hyper-Personalization SaaS Startup, providing personalised landing pages and offerings, utilizing customer behaviour and AI machine learning algorithms. Thanks to Behavee your web content is changed in real-time, based on customer behaviour.

Behavee: An Opensource Hyper-Personalization SaaS Startup

What is Behavee?

Behavee is an open-source marketing one-stop-shop (provided also as a software as a service). You can manage your entire marketing in one place, in an easy way, with full control over your data and with ensured security and privacy of your customers. Our team can tailor a solution to suit your needs. Behavee is easy to integrate into any available system. All in real-time!

What is the story behind Behavee?

At the very beginning, we wanted to create a platform, where publicly available data would be used for better consulting and better, more democratic services. As experienced consultants working for many big and SME clients, we saw the incoming trend of sales and communication on digital channels, the inability of companies to effectively process and use the data from these channels, and problems with massive and irrelevant advertisement and campaigns – often with a negative impact on customers.

What is Behavee’s vision?

Our vision is to create one platform for marketing and make online (personalized) marketing accessible for everybody in seconds. Part of our vision is to build a strong community for anyone to contribute to its development.

What is Behavee’s mission?

Behavee is a one-stop shop, we aim to manage your entire marketing in seconds in one place and utilize the comprehensive set of features with full control over your data and with ensured security and privacy of your customers.

Marketing campaigns, tailored by Customer digital behavior, localization, their actual needs and even feelings. It is the most natural and nonviolent way of how to precisely target customer without overloading him/her by inappropriate products and offers.

Who are your target customers?

Behavee is intended for the B2B segment (Companies). It can be integrated with any Customer-end platform provided by Client company itself (e.g. Mobile banking or other Mobile applications, e-shops, etc.). Whilst it is widely provided as Software as a Service, in some cases for corporate clients, it can be provided in a form of standalone solution (for instance in Banking or Telco segment or for marketing /media agencies).

What are the main benefits for your customers?

Product, Customer, Channel and Campaign statistics are provided immediately in form of advanced charts and show the effectivity of marketing campaigns, conversion rate and sales process, the attractivity of products and content and many others.

This helps companies to better understand their customers and target them with precise and relevant offers.

Using Behavee, companies can target a customer much more precisely, they can provide them with more relevant offers and content and finally, increase their acquisition, sales, and profitability.

What does make your company unique and different?


What makes Behavee truly unique is its open-source character making it accessible to anyone and its focus on simplicity (simple to understand, simple to use). We want to provide one-stop shop marketing tool to everyone and to be used in seconds!

Among other benefits belongs focus on user behavior instead of just demographic data, with Behavee there is no data sampling – all the data is 100% accurate, real-time without any limits, you have access to raw data and can further utilize them in your BI tools, CRM, etc. – all available via API. At the same time, you can be sure that you have 100 % ownership of data, GDPR compliance and security as we process only pseudonymized data in and secured cloud environment.

What do you see as the company´s biggest success till now?

Customer Acquisition with Shoptet 

We have received our first investment in June 2019. We’ve gained the trust in our strong team, our vision and product from the Venture Club, the Association of Czech Angel Investors in Prague. It was a tough process, but the Venture Club agreed on the investment of 450k EUR, which will have been carried out in three tranches from July to December.

Using this investment we were able to launch Behavee plugin into the Czech leading e-shop platform Shoptet on the 1st of October 2019. Thanks to the platform architecture and our integration, Behavee Plugin is allowing to implement e-commerce part of our solution automatically in one click.

After the lunch it was a rapid growth. During the first day, we’ve gained 95 new customers. As of today, there are 240 active customers and new coming in every day.

Cooperation with Microsoft since 2018.

Key momentum of our commercial rollout was in 2018, when we started contractually based cooperation with Microsoft, with the potential to reach to 640k partners via Microsoft partner network.

We have agreed and signed the Co-sell partnership with Microsoft and prepared the common marketing and sales strategy and progress for the entire CEE region. Behavee service has been integrated into Microsoft Azure marketplace Behavee integration  onto CRM system – Dynamics 365 is in progress. Integration of other Microsoft tools (Power BI, special AI libraries …) is in progress and will be finished in 2020.

Behavee team.


Our team grows steadily, we employ and coordinate with 23 people + 5 founders and we are looking for at least 3 more people to join us soon.

What are you working on in Behavee right now?

Continue to work on our vision of marketing in one place.

With the investment raised from our first investor, Venture Club, 450.000 EUR, we continue to work on our vision of marketing in one place (only one tool for whole marketing and UX). Currently we have most of the features available but we continue to work on their enhancement (e.g. analytics, UX tools, marketing campaign management, dashboards, benchmarks).

Expanding the portfolio of products and analytical tools.

We are also working on expanding the portfolio of products and analytical tools and finalizing the machine learning recommendation engine enabling us to fully utilize the potential of personalization.

All our services are available via API and we also continuously work on the API improvements and building an extensive community.

Could you share your roadmap?

Scale up all features.

With the next round of investment, from the product perspective, we plan to scale up all features and services and also infrastructure to enable the customer portfolio rapid development.

Continue to grow our partner’s network.

We will continue growing the network of our partnering companies, the focus is on the acquisition of more e-shops on Shoptet and we’ll continue working hard on the development of Behavee product.

New feature to benchmark your business with competitors

By the end of the year, you can look forward to seeing smart remarketing, interactive tips for the Behavee portal, or a benchmarking tool – comparing your business with competitors!                                       

Expansion to London.

Last but not least, in just a few weeks’ time, we are going to expand to London! It is easier for us thanks to CzechInvest program for Start-ups. We’ll be meeting with new partners and potential investors not just in the UK but around the Western Europe to raise enough capital for our new projects which in those regions.

Scale-up potential.

Scalability in vertical and horizontal directions.

Behavee can expand in both vertical and horizontal direction. Behavee is built on robust cloud infrastructure automatically extendable, or in contrary reducible, based on business volume.

At the horizontal direction, Behavee can absorb any market segment – Telco, food, travel, finance and banks, retail, transportation, or automotive, and combine them together. The more market segments the better and richer offers for end-customers and more precise market predictions.

At the vertical direction, Behavee enables to sell as many products (and their variations) to as many Customers as Company needs. There are practically no limits to widen Behavee to any market segment or any market in general.

Behavee’s market target.

Behavee is available on web pages as a SaaS anywhere in the world. However, our primary focus for now is on the Czech market and are aiming at local customer portfolio growth.

Recently we have released our service as a dedicated addon for Shoptet ( – an e-commerce platform for e-shops; biggest in the Czech Republic.

At the beginning of the next year we plan an expansion to UK/London where we will be setting a local office and subsidiary. We are supported in this expansion to UK by the resources from CzechInvest (Investment and Business Development Agency of the Czech Republic) as we were selected among few Czech companies to participate in the CzechAccelerator program in London.

How can you get in touch with Behavee?

We were focusing on building a good name of the brand, Behavee, within professional and Startup community via active social media communication and we are actively participating on industry Events for example:

  • EIC Innovation Summit 2019.
  • Future Port Prague.
  • Startup Festival etc.

We were also a finalist of Central European Startup Awards 2019, participant of SaaS Movement convention 2019 and ShopCamp.

And of course, you can always reach us on our web site:

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