Best Events For Startups 2021

Best Events For Startups 2021

We have prepared a list of Best Startup Events as a part of our mission to help your Tech Startup to go Global. Thus, we recommend you the hottest events for Startups according to your needs and your target market.

Best Events For Startups 2021

Emergence 2021 – The World’s First 24 Hour Venture Investor Conference

International Entrepreneurship Finance and Business Summit

  • Sectors: Business Innovation, Startups, Women entrepreneurship, Financial Services,
  • Description: The summit is one of the events for startups going to be held with the theme of ‘Business Innovation to the development of global economy,’ and rich networking opportunities and idea-sharing with business tycoons, financial institutions, SMEs, and startups are also part of the event.
  • Date: 04-06 March 2021
  • Cost: 375 GBP
  • Web:

Axis Tel Aviv

  • Sectors: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Israeli Startup Ecosystem, Global Startups
  • Description: The startup nation, Israel, is going to host this event where the leading member of the global startup ecosystem will be present. Many international investors, growing startups, and companies will be part of panels and presenters.
  • Date: 17 March 2021
  • Cost: 39$
  • Web:

Techstars Startup Weekend Groningen

  • Sectors: Startups, Pitching to Investors, Entrepreneurship
  • Description: This 54-hours event will be an opportunity for the technical and non-technical domain entrepreneurs. It will be a complete process of creating a running startup from idea generation to prototype creation and presentations.
  • Date: 16-18 April 2021
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

Startup Elevate

  • Sectors: Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship, IoT
  • Description: The mission of Startup Elevate is to connect intuitive and innovative entrepreneurship with the industry investors. The traditional edition of the event will be held in April, where the exhibitors, speakers, and entrepreneurs will showcase IoT innovations (Internet of things.)
  • Date: 26-29 April 2021
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

Startup Grind Tech Conference

  • Sectors: Fund Raising, SaaS, Startups, Entrepreneurship
  • Description: It is a conference where entrepreneurs, software developers, and other tech businessmen will have an opportunity to commute with international investors, journalists, and more. The theme of the conference will be SaaS, remote working, and developers.
  • Date: 04-05 May 2021
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

Founders Meetup

The Business Startup Show

  • Sectors: Fund Raising, Pitching to Investors, Online Fund Raising Platforms
  • Description: The Business startup show is a trade fair where the entrepreneurs will commute and consult with industry specialists and professionals about starting a successful startup.
  • Date: 09-10 Jun 2021
  • Cost: Free for Industry Professionals
  • Web:

4FYN: Connecting Startups

  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, Fintech, Digital Health, Startups, Connectivity
  • Description:  It is a 4-days event packed with pitches, an exhibition of internationally growing startups, speakers, and industry professionals sharing their experiences and tips for successfully running startups, and a lot more.
  • Date: 28 June- 01 July 2021
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

 Entrepreneur Awards 2020

  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, Startups, Business Development
  • Description: It is the event where Indian startups, founders, and entrepreneurs will be honored for their services and their success stories. You can expect to get insights about recent innovations, disruptive technologies, and advancements in the field of business.
  • Date: 29 July 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Web:

Investors and Entrepreneurs

Virtual Startup Investing 101

Startup Day

  • Sectors: Fund Raising, Pitching to Investors, Online Fund Raising Platforms
  • Description: It is among events for startups that will be held in Baltics where the investors, entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, and students get an opportunity to commute with each other. The event is all about startups and celebrating entrepreneurship.
  • Date: 25-27 August 2021
  • Cost: 50-199 Euros
  • Web:

B2B Rocks 2021

  • Sectors: SaaS startups, B2B startups, Entrepreneurship, Innovation.
  • Description: It is an event organized by Axeleo focused on SaaS B2B startups. The theme for the 2021 event will be addressing the process of economic recovery after the deep economic recession global business has been through during the pandemic.
  • Date: September 2021(date not announced yet)
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

Entrepreneurship And Innovation(E & I)

  • Sectors: entrepreneurship, Innovation, startups, business development.
  • Description: It is an event going to happen in Argentina. It is one of the events for startups that will facilitate Spanish entrepreneurs, investors, and founders to commute about digital trends, strategic management, and innovative approaches for startups.
  • Date: 22-25 September 2021
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

Techstars Startup Week Waco

  • Sectors: startups, entrepreneurship, business development
  • Description: It is one of the events for startups going to be held in the USA. The event’s purpose is to celebrate entrepreneurship and provide a platform where entrepreneurs can commute, and students can take advice from successful entrepreneurs. It is an event organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
  • Date: 18-22 October 2021
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

Starting Up In 2021

  • Sectors: startups, entrepreneurship, business development.
  • Description: It is a series of events for startups that will be held every month to discuss the key opportunities, challenges, concerns, and solutions for anyone starting up in 2021. The events cover the whole process from idea generation to market research, resource equipment, to starting up your business.
  • Date: 20 October 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Web:

 Slush Startup Event

  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, Startups, Innovation, Events for Startups
  • Description: Slush Startup Event is a two-day event where the entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and industry professionals meet, commute, share their insights, and help each other grow and overcome challenges.
  • Date:  November 2021(Date Yet To Be Announced
  • Cost: Not Available
  • Web:

Web Summit- Business Development

  • Sectors: Scaling, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment, Business Development.
  • Description: Lisbon will host this Business development summit that is packed with all the expertise and knowledge from the vetted entrepreneurs, innovators, and founders who will help you get on the right path to scale your startup on every stage.
  • Date: 01-04 November 2021
  • Cost: 850 Euros
  • Web:

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