Best Fintech Startups To Watch In 2022

Best Fintech Startups To Watch In 2022

Best Fintech Startups to watch in 2022

In modern business communities, creativity and smart execution have become a necessity for better economic conditions. For this purpose, Fintech (financial technology) is considered a pivotal source for creating valuable job opportunities. With that said, Fintech startups have also portrayed a significant role in the economic progression globally.

In the 21st century, fintech startups are an entrance to the most successful business ventures, and it has become the most reliable marketplace for new business ventures. Below, we’ll be reviewing some of the most trustworthy fintech startups from around the world.

Emerging Fintech Startups: Divilo

Our first recommendation on our report of the best Fintech Startups, it is an emerging Fintech Startup that was founded in 2020. Divilo is a Spain-based Fintech startup that has revolutionized financial compliance, payment methods & technology, accounting procedures, and management. The company identifies itself with the core values like sustainability and commitment to its vision. The team of enthusiasts provides you efficient, speedy, budget-friendly solutions tailored for you, and above all, never compromise the integrity and security of your data. The main solutions offered by the company are:

  • Diveep; your mobile POS for great convenience
  • Divilo Direct; sending and receiving the money to and from any region of the world
  • Divistore; a perfect eCommerce solution to manage your store
  • Divilo Visa Cards(Coming Soon)

About Divilo:

Solarisbank AG

Solarisbank AG is a fintech startup containing a banking license and providing their customer firms with their products. It enables the e-commerce merchants and facilitators to gain easy access to Solarisbank’s module services, including lending, e-payments, and the specification of digital banking.

Established in 2016, the owners of this fintech startup worked hard for developing this highly technical eco-banking system for well-known digital companies, and corporates.


Similar to PayPal, Primer is a fintech startup developing a low-code infrastructure and a digital payment provision interface. It enables the online payment facilitators and e-commerce merchants to consolidate their payment stack. Created in 2020, the company is now the very first platform for online payment progression, allowing you to generate integral payment flows without any mechanical effort required.


Specifically designed to attend to the requirement of German companies, Moss is a financial management service providing smart solutions, including corporate credit cards, digital invoice management, and reflexive accounting. Founded in 2019, this fintech startup arrived with a core ambition of allowing companies to manage their financial expenses smoothly with efficient digital workflows. Fortunately, this opportunity is available for both SMCs and large enterprises.


Are you excited about a mini-shopping trip but having no cash in hand? No worries, this fintech startup will take you out of this misery. Established in 2018, Zilch’s users can shop from anywhere around the world with the authorized MasterCard. Regardless of the modes, customers can easily keep track of all of their finances along with the repayment deadlines. Zilch’s ambition is to respect the confidentiality of their customers and keep them in charge of the money.


Running a successful e-commerce business is just as frustrating as it is rewarding. To avoid this nuisance, SellerX strives to provide productive and honest strategies for smooth business sales. The assigned team of professionals promises to make this experience exciting for their customers. The Berlin-based fintech startup prioritizes to acknowledge the analytics and processes required to grow Amazon businesses and focuses on taking it to the next level smoothly. Founded in 2020, the primary goals of this startup are to optimize and assist the concerned brands after making investments.


For a little fraction of the conventional investment, Liqid aims to provide productive business strategies and opportunities to their clients, which were previously only bestowed to successful enterprises. In less than five years, this fintech startup has got a reputation by investing and advising some of the most decent investors. Established in 2016, the platform offers access to substitute asset classes, including private equity.


The newly established fintech startup offers a multi-functional application, providing a mobile banking and digital investment feature simultaneously. Whether it’s payment transfer, traveling currency accounts, splitting bills, and international stocks investment, but with this platform, managing the finances becomes flexible and easy.

Since 2020, vivid are constantly emerging with an entirely different mode to modern banking, with the desire to make their customers a priority. The processers assume that online banking should be secure and acknowledgeable.


Annually, tons of entrepreneurs are either filling their taxes timely or giving up on the tax refund completely. Taxfix implies fixing this problem. Arrived in 2016, the fintech startup enables every individual and business person out there to file his taxes with a newly found confidence. With a compassionate group of experts, the platform proposes rich and productive ideas to their clients.

Finleap connect

The fact is undeniable that being financially wobbling can be highly destructive for a company. However, Finleap connect is a banking platform that promises modern monetary services to its customers by comprehending how they transact and interact with each other. Starting in 2019, this fintech startup provides user-friendly access to financial transactions. The platform strives to provide an easy gateway to their clients for payment execution and to remove any complications they encounter along the way.


The UK-based company was founded in 2016 and materialized as one of the most victorious local payments networks. The diversified sector connects you to the most feasible payment gateways and the infrastructure to create your fintech solutions. With this fintech startup, the companies can make payments to anyone and anywhere in the world.


Launched in 2016, the owners of the firm belief that great services emerge from great thinkers, and ultimately it provides you a comfortable environment to work in.


Moka is precisely on a mission to help individuals achieve their financial goals with a saving and investing application. The pillars of the company are extended to U.K and France, and it prioritizes entrepreneurs. In 2016, the company came into being, and after initiating with the app, the fintech startup is now conquering higher leaps with more innovative products. The application has been downloaded by tons of business persons around the globe.


Founded in 2019, Scalapay is a creative fintech startup that allows you to make a purchase and repay it in three convenient installments for the amount without charging an interest rate. The platform has got the benefit of attracting clients who wouldn’t have bought immediately, and it ultimately results in increased sales. Fortunately, there are no additional charges required for the installation, and the process is simpler as well.


Undoubtedly, investing is one of the most flexible ways to grow your business for long-term progress. We can’t deny that being financially unstable for an investor is highly exhausting. However, FreeTrade promises to make it utterly easy for fresh investors to secure their valuable money in the right place. Besides this, this fintech startup now develops versatile business strategies for better decision-making.


Billie arrived with the ambition to simplify B2B payment services from temporary liquidity to online payments. Gone were the times when security and controlling managers used to carry every cash delivery manually. This fintech startup has updated the traditional B2B transactions by providing valuable offers to companies on getting paid on their terms, and this opportunity is available for all stages of businesses, regardless of the complications.

The platform was founded in 2016 by a group of experienced professionals with tons of templates for highly optimized online payment options.


With the arrival of covid-19, the frustration of being medically healthy is getting higher with every passing day. For this purpose, the emerging fintech startup has delivered several insurance opportunities, including home liability, pet health, and vehicle insurance. The leading digital insurance company was founded in 2016 with the ambition of providing practical security to individuals. Furthermore, the firm has created a dedicated team for the protection of pets and the surroundings.


Founded in 2016, Neufund is a fresh fintech startup that connects entrepreneurs to investors professionally. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has made our lives dependent, and it’s been difficult to communicate with the external world. However, this Berlin-based startup has appeared with efficient block-chain-based services of virtual meetings between the capitalists and business owners.


Our report of the best Fintech Startups, finish with Upvest excels in creating a delightful blend of a wide range of investment products required for your potential website or application. With the assistance of reputable asset providers, this is our last recommendation for top fintech startups that can easily enhance your sales strategy and the efficiency of your virtual workforce.  Arrived in 2013, Upvest strives to bring investment to your business as easily as possible.

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