13+ Best Podcasts for Startups in 2021

13+ Best Podcasts for Startups in 2021

13+ Best Podcasts for Startups

The best podcasts for Startups in 2021 are made up of various information for new companies. You don’t have to worry about boredom anymore since the best is yet to come. The majority of people have ventured into podcasting, and it seems that having a podcast is the norm. For beginners might become mind-blowing when you think about the field that offers knowledge and the one used for fun. In this article, we will highlight the best in the market if you want to keep the audio going. Let’s dive right into it.

Different types and information to understand About Startup Podcasts.

Comprehending podcasts is essential for the startups and the people interested in switching things up from television to audio. There is no doubt that podcasts will continue to either flop or flourish in the entertainment industry in the coming years. Can podcasts make money? Most people wonder about owning one’s economic status, but in the end, you are assured of a better paycheck than your typical job.

Tech Founders Talk

Tech founder is collecting many interviews where tech founders gather to give their expertise on the field. A tech founder offers insights and shows their side of the story and how they began their work. Additionally, they state the challenges they face and how much money one can make from technology. The podcast shows real estate, medical people, and the legal fraternity cover their highs and lows in their different fields.

URL: https://soundcloud.com/byteant

Masters of scale

This is a podcast essential for the people that have an aim of building their business aspirations. It is a startup since it explains the beginning methods for anyone that wants to roll in the business world. Most people wonder, do podcasts show up on Spotify? Well, this podcast is essential for anyone that stays glued on spotify since they can learn comprehensively about business.

URL: https://mastersofscale.com/

How I built this

How I built this is a podcast for the starters that are willing to be inspired through stories of how the OGs began this venture. The guests involved explain various issues in business and also the podcast fraternity.

URL: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this

How startups start

The podcast is called traction and it’s used to show ways of coming up with a business venture like starting a podcast. It shows ways in which a podcast can be commercialized alongside other types of businesses like an investment plan.

URL: https://www.10xfactory.com/traction-podcast

Startup therapy

The podcast explains on things that are vital for all starters to navigate this industry. It explains the issues that bother founders and make it hard for them to a start a podcast or a certain business venture.

URL: https://www.startups.com/community/startup-therapy

Women Who Startup Radio

Many podcasts watch when you are lonely since you can lift your spirit with cringe-worthy information and content. Women whose startup is a podcast that details the different fields that can be navigated. It details the cons and pros since the experienced women come up with the vital information for everyone that wants to fit i9n the male-dominated fields.

URL: https://www.womenwhostartup.com/thepodcast/

Design Details

Founders have incorporated many fields in their work, including the use of design techniques for their listeners. The podcast is used to describe the features and process of designing using a less complicated way. It offers alternatives for the professionals and beginners that want to navigate the fields.

URL: https://designdetails.fm/

Without Fail

Without fail, it explores the impossibilities since most people want to hear about success rather than embracing the failures. He talks about the losses that transpire after starting up a podcast or a career path that is chosen by the guests. Gimlet founder has hosted many guests ranging from athletes to entrepreneurs that state the challenges and offer solutions to the predicaments. Alex Blumberg details the meaning of failure and what someone can do to rise after getting knocked down.

URL: https://gimletmedia.com/shows/without-fail

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is used to talk about ways of building and succeeding in a particular field. The guest list comprises the world’s famous and prominent people when it comes to success. Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, and Sheryl Sandberg have graced the podcasts as guests. They talked about their way up to win and practices of mastering the small details that can either build or destroy a business.

URL: https://mastersofscale.com/

How to start a startup

The podcast offers steps and ways in which someone can be successful when it comes to this form of industry. Most people get it twisted when it comes to starting any type of a podcast, by having wrong and twisted forms of methods that result to failure.

URL: https://player.fm/series/how-to-start-a-startup

Startup Capital Podcast

The podcast is useful in explaining the information necessary for entrepreneurs at the North Florida regions. It explains the startup tips for people willing to venture in entrepreneurship in the region and across the globe.

URL: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/579172665/startup-capital-podcast

The startup Chat

The startup chat is useful in explaining various ways of dealing with niches in either business, sales and customer feedbacks. The conversation is essential since it helps people learn about insights that are hard to be put on paper, like in books.

URL: https://thestartupchat.com/

Conclusion about the Best Podcasts for Startups

There is no doubt that podcasts are the new norm for entertainment since they offer various insights about different fields. The population that listens to the podcast has increased. There is less time to read a magazine or a book, and the best substitute has become listening to a podcast. It can be done in an office setup or a car. If you are looking for various ways to come up with a side hustle or the primary job, you can consider starting a podcast. The article has highlighted some of the best podcasts to have in your playlist.

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