21+ Best Podcasts for Startups in 2021

21+ Best Podcasts for Startups in 2021

21+ Best Podcasts for Startups in 2021

We will highlight the best podcasts for Startups in the market if you want to keep the audio going. Let’s dive right into it.

Why podcasts for startups?

You can always get motivated by the stories and struggles other entrepreneurs have gone through. Furthermore, to grow and flourish, you must hear as many people as possible. Sometimes, the power is within yourself, but an external push makes it shine.

There were more than 850000 podcasts globally in 2020. How to know and filter the best podcasts for startups? We have done the job for you by making a list of some of the best startup podcasts that will surely polish your entrepreneurial skills to let you shine!

TOP 5 Podcasts for Startups

Building Remotely

One of our best recommendation is “Building Remotely”. In this podcast, Sondre Rasch (CEO of SafetyWing) interviews remote founders and thought leaders to pick their brain on how to build and scale a remote company.

Link to podcast:


Startups For The Rest Of The Us Podcast

The second on our list of “Best Podcasts for Startups” is ‘Startup for the rest of us.’ Imagine what an enriched podcast it would be, where the savvy entrepreneurs share their struggles, success stories, and best practices.

Rob Walling, who is co-founder of many startups and writer, hosts the podcast. The agenda of the podcast is to share the experiences of different entrepreneurs. The guests share how they struggled, how they succeed, and what made them fail.

The host identifies his podcasts for startups as a blend of advice and motivation for entrepreneurs, designers, and self-employed individuals. With more than 500 episodes aired, you must listen to this podcast.

Link to podcast

iTunes/ Website

The Pitch

The Pitch is one of the best podcasts for startups hosted by Josh Muccio. This podcast has a large fanbase and more than 10 million downloads since it aired for the first time in 2017.

This podcast is for all entrepreneurial minds who have brilliant ideas with large potential, but something keeps them away. Some might be afraid of the unknown, and others might be thinking too much. This podcast with the entrepreneurs on board will help you overcome the fears that are keeping you away from the entrepreneurial world.

If you want to get behind-the-door secrets of the business world, no matter if it is how to sell or what to sell, The Pitch is your deal.

You must check out this amazing podcast at

iTunes/ Website

How I Built This

The success stories of the business world are always inspiring, motivational, and sometimes give goose-bump. Someone said it rightly,

‘A winner is the loser who tried one more time.’

The next one is among amazing podcasts for startups. ‘How I Built This’ brings on air the struggles behind success stories of different businesses. Guy Raz invites innovators, entrepreneurs, and initiators on his show to talk about the struggle that went into establishing a business empire.

Some of the best episodes of the podcasts were one when Shopify, Wikipedia, and AirBnB makers were invited by Guy Raz.

You can listen to the podcast at

iTunes/ Website

The Growth Show

This podcast is among the best podcasts for startups present on the internet. The Growth Show is a product of ‘Hubspot.’ Their team aims to give voice to the entrepreneurs, business founders, and marketing experts who grew their business.

This podcast is for any entrepreneur or individual planning to start his business. The marketers can get great ideas from the podcast about marketing their services or products too.

Every episode of the show features businesses and how they survived and grew.

The podcast is hosted by Meghan Keaney Anderson, vice president of marketing at Hubspot.  You wouldn’t trade off 200 episodes of this amazing podcast that can lit up your startup idea and motivate you.

Listen to the podcast here

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16+ Recommendations about Podcasts for Startups

Product Hunt

The name of this podcast suggests some show about finding the Product for a startup. But, this one on our list of podcasts for startups is for a reason. Product Hunt is a curation of new things going on in the tech world, either some product or software.

The founder of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover, and Abadesi Osunsade have created a weekly podcast to make people smile. Every week, the show’s amazing hosts make their listeners smile with a lot of good things they have to say. And besides, they bring entrepreneurs, founders, and inventors to get insights about the new and happening things in the business world.

You would love to listen to this informative yet lighter podcast of Ryan Hoover. Check out his podcast at

iTunes/ Website

The Startup Chat

How if we tell you about a podcast where you can actually learn everything about startups from scratch?

Not to exaggerate, the show ‘The Startup Chat’ with Steli and Hiten will be a true resource for you if you are a beginner in the world of entrepreneurship and startups. We cannot fit this podcast in one category of podcasts for startups, but this one is a complete package.

From starting a business to marketing, personal development to professional success, and time management to work-life balance, the podcast will touch every aspect related to doing business. Any entrepreneur, marketer, or a common individual would get to learn a lot from this podcast.

Go check this knowledgeable podcast at

iTunes/ Website

Startup Hand Me Downs

When an entrepreneur is a storyteller, too, he can naturally share experiences and tips. Startup Hand Me Downs is among podcasts for startups, and it was created by a tech entrepreneur and storyteller, Philip Kasumu.

If we talk about the show’s format, it is much like most of the podcasts for startups where successful businessmen share their struggles and success stories. What makes it different?

The story!

When a thing is shared in the form of a story, it is absorbed by the listeners, and it has more impact. In every episode of the show, Philip invites investors, entrepreneurs, and business people to share their stories. He presents every story as a case study. People relate to the stories, and the show goes on.

This Week In Startups

What if we introduce a startup bulletin with you?

‘This Week In Startups’ is a weekly podcast hosted by an entrepreneur and angel investor.  Jason Calacanis brings the stories from the world of business in every episode of the show. If you want to stay updated with interesting, outrageous, and latest stories & news about entrepreneurship and the global entrepreneurial scene, you wouldn’t wish to miss this amazing podcast.

The podcast has the prestige of being called ‘an influential Web series filmed in the U.S.’ by the Wall Street Journal contributor Cecilie Rohwedder.

You must check out amazing content of this American podcaster at

iTunes/ Website

The Tim Ferriss Show

The next one on our list is the best of the best podcasts for startups. The Tim Ferriss Show has been selected as ‘Best of’ Apple Podcasts for successful three years running.  Can you imagine the podcast has already surpassed 600 M downloads and featured by Fortune Magazine’s Term Sheet as their top business podcast?

Wondering why this is the most favorite podcast?

In every episode, Tim Ferriss decodes the success secrets, tactics, and tools used by the most successful entrepreneurs from different industries. The guests invited on the podcast are highly skilled and trained professionals who have been driving results from the tools and tactics over the years. Therefore, they give their expert opinion about different techniques, rules, and tactics of doing business and performing different business operations.

You shouldn’t miss this enriched podcast. Check out the podcast at

iTunes/ Website

Business Wars

Although a newbie in the podcasting world, Business Wars is proving its worth due to the amazing content. The podcast started in 2020, and the podcast’s subject is different competition stories from the world of business. The show is hosted by David Brown, who is the managing editor and anchor of daily statewide public news hour ‘Texas Standard.’

Either it is Starbucks Vs. Dunkin, or Nintendo Vs. Sony, these battles decide at the end what we will buy and how we will live. As the podcast claims, they bring unauthorized real stories from these business giants’ directors’ room. The strategies and tactics used by the companies are discussed.

You would love to listen to these business wars to know how competition and rivalry work in the corporate world and how rivals coexist in the same space.

Check out the beautiful content of Business Wars at

iTunes/ Website

Tech Founders Talk

Tech founder is collecting many interviews where tech founders gather to give their expertise on the field. A tech founder offers insights and shows their side of the story and how they began their work. Additionally, they state the challenges they face and how much money one can make from technology. The podcast shows real estate, medical people, and the legal fraternity cover their highs and lows in their different fields.

URL: https://soundcloud.com/byteant

Masters of scale

This is a podcast essential for the people that have an aim of building their business aspirations. It is a startup since it explains the beginning methods for anyone that wants to roll in the business world. Most people wonder, do podcasts show up on Spotify? Well, this podcast is essential for anyone that stays glued on spotify since they can learn comprehensively about business.

URL: https://mastersofscale.com/

How I built this

How I built this is a podcast for the starters that are willing to be inspired through stories of how the OGs began this venture. The guests involved explain various issues in business and also the podcast fraternity.

URL: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this

How startups start

The podcast is called traction and it’s used to show ways of coming up with a business venture like starting a podcast. It shows ways in which a podcast can be commercialized alongside other types of businesses like an investment plan.

URL: https://www.10xfactory.com/traction-podcast

Startup therapy

The podcast explains on things that are vital for all starters to navigate this industry. It explains the issues that bother founders and make it hard for them to a start a podcast or a certain business venture.

URL: https://www.startups.com/community/startup-therapy

Design Details

Founders have incorporated many fields in their work, including the use of design techniques for their listeners. The podcast is used to describe the features and process of designing using a less complicated way. It offers alternatives for the professionals and beginners that want to navigate the fields.

URL: https://designdetails.fm/

Without Fail

Without fail, it explores the impossibilities since most people want to hear about success rather than embracing the failures. He talks about the losses that transpire after starting up a podcast or a career path that is chosen by the guests. Gimlet founder has hosted many guests ranging from athletes to entrepreneurs that state the challenges and offer solutions to the predicaments. Alex Blumberg details the meaning of failure and what someone can do to rise after getting knocked down.

URL: https://gimletmedia.com/shows/without-fail

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is used to talk about ways of building and succeeding in a particular field. The guest list comprises the world’s famous and prominent people when it comes to success. Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, and Sheryl Sandberg have graced the podcasts as guests. They talked about their way up to win and practices of mastering the small details that can either build or destroy a business.

URL: https://mastersofscale.com/

How to start a startup

The podcast offers steps and ways in which someone can be successful when it comes to this form of industry. Most people get it twisted when it comes to starting any type of a podcast, by having wrong and twisted forms of methods that result to failure.

URL: https://player.fm/series/how-to-start-a-startup

Startup Capital Podcast

To finish our list of best Podcasts for Startups, I bring you “Startup Capital Podscast”. The podcast is useful in explaining the information necessary for entrepreneurs at the North Florida regions. It explains the startup tips for people willing to venture in entrepreneurship in the region and across the globe.

URL: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/579172665/startup-capital-podcast

Conclusion about the Best Podcasts for Startups

There is no doubt that podcasts are the new norm for entertainment since they offer various insights about different fields. The population that listens to the podcast has increased. There is less time to read a magazine or a book, and the best substitute has become listening to a podcast. It can be done in an office setup or a car.  The article has highlighted some of the best podcasts for startups to have in your playlist.

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