Best Startups In Amsterdam 2021

Best Startups In Amsterdam 2021

Best Startups In Amsterdam 2021

The startups are small entities playing a dominant role in the economic growth of a nation. Also, startups encourage competition among individuals to become more innovative because they are the ones to present decent creative ideas as future entrepreneurs.  With that said, the Startups in Amsterdam have worked significantly as the keystones of economic development.

Presently, it has become one of the ideal locations for startups. In the following guide, we’ll evaluate some of the best Startups in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Our first recommendation for Startups in Amsterdam is Quicargo. As the post-pandemic time is just around the corner, the amusement of transporting goods to their destination without worrying about the lockdown. For this purpose, Quicargo provides an efficient local freight industry by associating trucks with shippers who need to transport their goods. Founded in 2015, this startup in Amsterdam provides shippers with free access to the most trustworthy carriers in the Netherlands.

  • Industry: Transportation, trucking, railroad.
  • Employees: 11-50 employees.
  • Website:


Triumphant venture capitalist investors can provide complete assistance to individuals in multiple remarkable ways, and Flexclub is one of them.

Flexclub is a leading startup in Amsterdam, which has become a secure marketplace serving its customers the most flexible way to purchase a car. The platform is chiseled of professionals who specialize in vehicle finances and operations. The company strives to help individuals unseal the ability to drive now and purchase later.


Founded in 2018, this startup in Amsterdam makes a delightful blend of financial data and modern machine learning technologies to serve its users an easy user interface for subscription management. Dyme is a successful platform, which has empowered individuals globally to help manage their subscription expenses through their smartphones. With this application, users receive insights into their reappearing expenses, and also they are free to cancel or switch it anytime.


Established in 2015, Hotelchamp is a marketing platform that primarily focuses on converting your website traffic into bookings. It advertises your website and generates viewership for it, convincing tons of people to visit it.

This Amsterdam startup enables you to identify your core objective, grants special offers, and display your website’s merits and prices. You can even send cordial emails to the users who refuse to proceed without completing their booking.

Chiseled with smart methodologies, is an emerging platform that entirely automates the relationship between a man and machine. The emerging startup was founded in 2016. The platform excels in offering digital services to complement the predicted context of individuals. It’s a practical personalization company that lets you shape your website by frequently attending to each customer.

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services.
  • Employees: 2-10 employees.
  • Website:


Assembled with a team of professionals, Wonderkind implements superior Talent Attraction Technology that approaches job seekers who regularly searches work through media channels, including social media, websites, and applications. Founded in 2016, this startup in Amsterdam allows cooperation with agencies to execute the perfect recruiting marketing campaigns without compromising quality.


Discovered in 2014, Buybay promises to solve the returned product issues. The platform has a dedicated workforce that is associated with an extensive chain of partners, including manufacturers, retailers, and sales campaigns. With that said, their primary goal is to find a new owner for the forbidden products as soon as possible by utilizing smart software. This startup in Amsterdam doesn’t believe in the wastage of commodities as every returned one creates a new and better opportunity.


Emerged in 2019, Kambr arrived with the ambition to help airlines globally in the pursuit of optimizing commercializing procedures and lifting revenues. The word “kambr” has derived from “camber”, which means shaping the wings to fly. More specifically, this startup in Amsterdam applies different Advisory, Media, and Solution units and tries to enter a new era of leadership, demand management, and commercial intelligence.


Established in 2016, and headquartered in Amsterdam, Siilo is a guarded medical messaging application particularly designed to assist healthcare professionals to better collaborate in complex cases and suitably enhance patient care. Presently, this startup in Amsterdam is considered the largest medical network in Europe.

The application isn’t complicated and charges no excess fee on downloading. This is the only Health-Tech Startup from our list of recommendations of Startups in Amsterdam.


CodeSandbox is an efficient Amsterdam startup that deals with expressing and validating your ideas and removes the hassles on the way to set up a project. It provides a digital code editing tool for web platforms specifically designed for engineers and teachers. Founded in 2017, the platform allows frequent involvement of others in a project either through a URL or begins a live session to evaluate an example.


Our last recommendation from our list of Startups in Amsterdam is Crisp. Since 2018, this startup in Amsterdam has been striving to support information flows across the companies in the food value chain sector. This platform combines all the fundamentals, including sales, equipment, retail portals, and promotions. The company entirely focuses on supplying super fresh and delicious food to its customers.

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