Betting Kings Savings Is Important During Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

Betting Kings Savings Is Important During Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)

This is part of our Tech Startups Magazine. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the economy around the world is struggling against a new economic crisis. Thus, Betting Kings savings is important during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Betting Kings is leveraging the power of our community to help members and the public during this unprecedented time.

Betting Kings prides itself on becoming one of the largest growing communities of Personal Finance Enthusiasts™ in the world. One key component of the Betting Kings Membership has always been to provide the tools and education necessary for our community of Personal Finance Enthusiasts™ to save money. Not only does increased family savings enable more fuel to grow our members’ digital portfolios, but it also sets our members up for unexpected events.

Let’s face it, if we would have told you two months ago that the world would be quarantined and millions of people would be facing job loss or income loss, you would have asked us, “where did you park your spaceship?”

Unexpected events are happening in our lives. When your income is affected, whether it is job loss or a health issue, you need support. Our members are provided tools, education and resources to help them survive unexpected situations. We provide our members state-of-the-art tools to save on average $450 per month. Many of our members already save over $5,000 annually on everyday purchases with their Betting Kings membership.

Betting Kings worked with our partners to help members and the public even more during this difficult time by bringing more and more savings, including staycation savings, and free access to activities to enjoy at home.

Additionally, Betting Kings is extending the Savings Club portion of our membership to the public for free! For a limited time and limited number only, the general public will be able to leverage the power of the Betting Kings Community.

Saving money on everyday purchases has never been more important than now.


Perks programs shouldn’t be tricky or complicated. Betting Kings makes it easy for members to save money every day.

  • Enjoy members-only discounts and corporate rates on everything from online education, grocery, pizza and other takeout, Costco and Sam’s Club and more.
  • Members have access to over 302,000 perks and discounts in over 10,000 cities on everyday purchases like Papa Johns, Quiznos and T-Mobile.
  • Access the BK Savings Club on your mobile phone with customized alerts to notify you of nearby savings.
  • Easy to enter monthly giveaways for movie tickets, flower bouquets, theme park tickets and more (great giveaways for when the quarantine is lifted!).

To access the BK Saving Club, reach out to BK’s Operation We Care!


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