9+ Biotech Companies Startups You Should Follow!

9+ Biotech Companies Startups You Should Follow!

The biotech industry is itself an amalgamation of the latest scientific technology and healthcare services. These companies work tirelessly to find breakthroughs in diagnostic methods, find new grounds for the treatment of otherwise incurable medical conditions. Recently a drug named remdesivir made by one of the leading biotech companies is seen as having potential in treating patients affected with the COVID-19 virus.

There are a lot of companies researching out novel practices that could be implemented in the mainstream health industry, yet, quite a few make waves by revolutionizing our conventional approach and produce the best possible results. Here are a few biotech companies that are proving themselves as game-changers in the biotech industry.

9+ Biotech Companies Startups To Follow up

Moderna therapeutics:

Awarded as the top biopharma industry employer in 2017, Moderna is one of the leading biotech companies. Moderna therapeutics has a dedicated team of enthusiastic scientists and researchers that work endlessly to provide treatments for cancer by our messenger RNA vaccines. Clinical trials are well underway in the company’s research pipeline that is helping in exploring the true potential of messenger RNA Technology. The therapeutic company has collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and official agencies like DARPA. Their latest investigational advanced mRNA-1273 vaccine for the COVID-19 virus is well on its way to phase 2 of clinical trials.

Website: https://www.modernatx.com/


  • Global Headquarters
    200 Technology Square
    Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Moderna Technology Center
    Norwood, MA, USA


Foundation Medicine:

A molecular information company pioneering cancer treatment by exploring and understanding what genetic changes occur individually in the genes that aggravate cancer. This comprehensive analysis helps doctors and physicians make the best treatment decision. Foundation Medicine is one of a few biotech companies which perform complete genomic profiling of patients to pin-point the molecular changes occurring in the body and offer relevant immunotherapies to treat cancer effectively.

Website: https://www.foundationmedicine.com/


  • Foundation Medicine Headquarters, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Foundation Medicine, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA
  • Foundation Medicine, Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Foundation Medicine, Penzberg, Germany
  • Foundation Medicine, San Diego, California, USA


Guardant Health

Guardant Health is one of the best biotechnology companies out there which helps patients and oncologists by providing a detailed insight into the disease. The biotech company uses its patent Guardant360 blood testing platform that can give the same precise results obtained from a biopsy within 7 days. Guardant Health also offers an industry-wide GuardantOMNI platform that biopharma and other healthcare startups can use to identify perfect candidates that could be effectively treated with their offered treatment options.

Website: https://guardanthealth.com/


  • Guardant Health, Inc. Redwood City, CA, USA

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Juno Therapeutics, Inc.

Juno Therapeutics is one of the best biotechnology companies offering personalized treatments for cancers that are difficult to treat such as blood cancers (ALL, CLL, DLBCL). This top-tier biotechnology company offers their T cell receptor (TCR) and Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapies for cancer treatment. The T cells used in these immunotherapies are genetically engineered to exhibit cytotoxic killer T cells properties.

Website: https://www.junotherapeutics.com/


  • Juno therapeutics inc. Headquarters Seattle WA
  • San Francisco office Brisbane, California
  • Juno Therapeutics Inc. Manufacturing plant Bothell, WA
  • Juno therapeutics GMBH headquarters Munich, Germany
  • Juno therapeutics GMBH Munich, Germany
  • Juno therapeutics GMBH Gottingen, Germany



Genmab is pioneering the research and development of differentiated antibodies that have proven to cure cancer. In this huge industry of biotechnology companies, Genmab already has 3 marketed therapeutic products named DuoBody, HexaBody, and HexElect that have robust differentiated antibodies that target rogue cancer cells and supports the immune system to fight against the disease.

Website: https://www.genmab.com/


  • Genmab A/S Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Genmab B.V Uppsalalaan, Netherlands
  • Genmab US, Inc. Plainsboro, USA
  • Genmab K.K Tokyo, Japan.


Strand Life Sciences

Strand life sciences started as a healthcare software developer but have gradually grown into one of the leading biotechnology companies in the global market. The bioinformatics company today provides its genomic testing and analysis services like the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to more than 2000 biotechnology companies and 100 hospitals worldwide. The company has curated databases on tumor profiling, hereditary cancer, and rare genetic disorders that are used by other companies for research and development (R&D).

Website: https://strandls.com/


  • Strand Life sciences Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


Personal Genome Diagnostics

A diagnostic company that is contributing massively in the fight against cancer by diagnosing and providing comprehensively analytical non-invasive solutions to patients and healthcare providers worldwide. They offer state of the art genomic analysis and data interpretation so that we may understand cancer in detail. Out of all the biotech companies in the market, their PDGx kit is the only FDA approved kit available in the market which is widely used by doctors, oncologists, and labs to diagnose their patient’s cancer with unprecedented accuracy.

Website: https://www.personalgenome.com/


  • Personal Genome Diagnostics Baltimore, USA

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Quite a few biotechnology companies are striving hard to refine personalized CAR T-cell immunotherapies. Out of these companies, Immunocore has managed to lead several partnered programs with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies like Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Melinda gates foundation, and AstraZeneca. Their featured product is the ImmTAX molecules that contain the TCRs of the T-cells an immune system activating effector function that activates the patient’s T-cells to kill the tumor cells present within the body.

Website:   https://www.immunocore.com/


  • Immunocore limited Oxfordshire, UK
  • Immunocore, LLC Pennsylvania, US


 Atara Biotherapeutics

Atara biotherapeutics offers off the shelf allogeneic T-cell immunotherapies for autoimmune diseases, viral diseases, and cancer patients. They maintain an inventory of specialized T-cells collected from donors with a healthy immune system that is administered to specifically locate and kill cancerous cells without affecting the healthy tissues.

Website: https://www.atarabio.com/


  • Atara biotherapeutics Headquarters South San Francisco, USA
  • Atara T-Cell Operations and Manufacturing (ATOM) Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
  • Atara Biotherapeutics (ION) Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
  • Atara Biotherapeutics Switzerland GmbH Zug, Switzerland
  • Atara Biotherapeutics Aurora, CO, USA

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