12+ Best Clinical Cancer Research Startups in 2022

12+ Best Clinical Cancer Research Startups in 2022

“Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally”, says WHO. With a huge number of new cases reported annually, the disease itself poses challenges to healthcare providers and Clinical Cancer Research startups to come up with out-of-the-box diagnostic methods and techniques in helping treat cancer.

Statistical data from the National Institute of Health suggests each year an estimated 1.68 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed alone in the United States.

In this technologically driven era, we have groundbreaking technologies at hand that serves as a foundation for finding new diagnosis methods and treatments for cancer. Till now, we have seen a plethora of healthcare startups emerge that are challenging and re-shaping the way we treat cancer. To name a few, technologies like Gene editing, Stem cell therapy, novel medicines, Personalized vaccines are creating ripples in the healthcare community and allowing Clinical Cancer Research Startups to develop.

12+ Best Clinical Cancer Research Startups in 2022

Let’s take a look at some startups that have much expertise to revolutionize cancer treatment and question our conventional methods of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

The most famous Clinical Cancer Research Startups: Moderna Inc.

mRNA is a genetic code used to transfer real-time instructions within each cell of our body. The capacity of mRNA to carry specific instructions caught the attention of researchers in Moderna.

Since 2010, they have developed and refined their mRNA technology platform to create mRNA-personalized vaccines. These vaccines will be tailored specifically for one individual after proper evaluation of the disease and patient. They have even successfully partnered with a healthcare conglomerate “Merck” to further develop personalized vaccines for cancer patients.

Website: https://www.modernatx.com


This Clinical Cancer Research Startup has explored the idea of using the body’s immune system cells for targeted eradication of tumor cells. Their unique approach to pioneer the idea of using genetically edited off-the-shelf (CAR) T-cells has gained much success. Cellectis headquarter is located in Paris, France, and two research centers in Raleigh and New York, USA.

The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company has well over 20 years of experience in gene editing and has two patented technologies named ‘TALEN’ gene-editing technology and PulseAgile electroporation system. The first technology is used to develop genetically engineered T-cells specifically for the candidate and the later helps in targeting those T-cells specifically to tumor cells.

Till now, they have been providing treatments for patients with multiple cancers deemed to be holistic such as, Multiple myeloma (MM), Acute Myeloid leukemia (AML), Hodgkin’s/Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and several others.

Website: http://www.cellectis.com/en/


Based in San Fransico, USA, Allogene is striving to revolutionize the already used T-cell gene-editing technology. Their autoCAR T immunotherapy is conducted by collecting the patient’s white blood cells. The collected T cells are then genetically engineered and programmed to target only tumor cells.

Website: http://allogene.com/


Founded in the year 2000 by Dr. Ingmar Hoerr, they are one of the first Clinical Cancer Research Startups that excelled at harnessing the potential of mRNA to develop vaccines and therapies to treat several diseases. Curevac’s headquarter is located in Tübingen, Germany. With a professional team of researchers and specialists on board, the biopharmaceutical company has ventured with Sanofi Pasteur to develop and commercialize its mRNA vaccine. Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, the company has increased its activities to develop the mRNA vaccine for the novel virus.

Website: http://www.curevac.com/


Morphosys has an aim to develop antibodies to be used as therapeutic agents for treating several diseases. The company started in Semmelweisstraße, Germany, and has expanded its reach to the US biopharmaceutical marketplace.

Till now, they have produced 20 therapeutic antibodies that are in their clinical trials. Individuals can request Morphosys to volunteer for clinical trials using the Clinical Cancer Research Startup’s investigational therapeutic products.

Website: https://www.morphosys.com/


Previously known as Neon Therapeutics inc., BioNTech has emerged as a key contributor in the global effort to develop immuno-oncology therapies of the future. Based in Cambridge, USA, the biopharmaceutical company focuses on making neoantigen-targeted T cell therapies for immunocompromised cancer patients.

Website: https://biontech.de/

Jounce Therapeutics.

This Clinical Cancer Research startup has already transformed cancer treatment under the supervision of Dr. Jim Allison, a Nobel laureate. Their ground-breaking translational science platform alters our immune defense cells present within the TME-Tumor microenvironment and mitigates the tumors. Their company is located in Cambridge, USA. However, they conduct a biomarker analysis before offering the therapy as a clinical trial to ensure the patient receiving the therapy shows long-lasting therapeutic effects.

Website: http://www.jouncetx.com/

Surface Oncology.

Located in Cambridge MA, USA, Surface Oncology is providing its expertise in providing novel therapies that have transformative outcomes in otherwise immunocompromised cancer patients. The company successfully partnered with Novartis and struck an agreement to exclusively develop the human CD73 antibody, NZV930 for cancer treatment.

Website: http://www.surfaceoncology.com/

Bicycle Therapeutics.

Bicycle Therapeutics is working on a relatively novel class of lab-synthesized medicinal therapeutics. The company has a transatlantic reach with headquarters in Cambridge, UK, and a research center in Boston, USA. These chemically synthesized bicyclic proteins developed by the Clinical Cancer Research Startup act as a drug delivery system at a micro-level and penetrate the tumors for effective drug delivery and a therapeutic effect.

Website: http://www.bicycletherapeutics.com/

Fate Therapeutics.

Fate therapeutics provides cellular immunotherapies to patients with auto-immune diseases or cancer. The biopharmaceutical company is based in San Diego California. They use healthy stem cell donors and modify them before delivery for maximum therapeutic effects. Off the shelf NK (Natural Killer) and T-cell immunotherapies are also offered.

Website: http://www.fatetherapeutics.com/

Corvus Pharmaceuticals.

Corvus Pharmaceuticals is one diverse biopharmaceutical company in the list of Clinical Cancer Research Startups. With their headquarters in San Francisco Bay area’s biotechnology center, they have a track record of discovering new medicines and innovative therapies. Their dedicated team of researchers and scientists have conducted successful pre-clinical studies for anti-cancer medicines named rituximab, ibrutinib) and vemurafenib and have moved to Clinical trials.

Website: http://www.corvuspharma.com/

Turning point therapeutics.

The biopharmaceutical company specializes in producing targeted cancer drugs called kinase inhibitors that bind to cancer cells effectively while delivering the therapy. Their Clinical Cancer research startup is located in San Diego, California. The Company’s innovative approach revolutionizes our conventional therapies by integrating their novel small molecules to deliver cancer drugs specifically to the tumor tissues and help otherwise treatment-resistant patients.

Website: http://www.tptherapeutics.com/

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