DeepCode – AI For Better Code 2020

DeepCode – AI For Better Code 2020

I interviewed the DeepCode’s Co-Founders: Boris Paskalev , Dr. Veselin Raychev and Prof. Dr. Martin Vechev.  DeepCode is a Swissh Tech Startup on their mission to change the way we create programs by using powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

DeepCode – AI For Better Code.

Why did you create DeepCode?

DeepCode—the platform for AI-powered code reviews—was formally found at the end of 2016 with one mission in mind: to empower developers in their daily work. We achieve that by using the latest technologies and research in the Program Analysis and Machine Learning space. As a spin-off from ETH Zurich, our team members are research experts in the field with over 40 published or private research topics already integrated into the DeepCode platform.

About DeepCode’s Founders.

All three of us founders are professional software developers by trade with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. All of us took slightly different paths:

Dr. Veselin Raychev left the industry to pursue his Doctoral Research. He is highly awarded and globally renowned for his research work.

Prof. Dr. Martin Vechev left the corporate research to become a professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich where he leads the Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab. He is seen as a global leader at the broad intersection of machine learning and formal reasoning with applications to safe artificial intelligence, probabilistic and quantum programming, AI-driven coding, security, and others.

Boris Paskalev evolved his developer career into growing and applying technology ideas into practical commercial products and business innovations.

How do you help your customers and partners?

DeepCode is igniting the long-overdue software revolution and soon every developer around the globe should use at least one service based on the DeepCode platform. The key DeepCode differentiator is the deep understanding of code through program analysis combined with Machine Learning based on continuous crowdsourcing from open source codebase.

The knowledge of every single open-source developer and every single bug ever fixed flows into DeepCode. DeepCode’s mission is to unlock this wealth of knowledge to every developer.

What makes Deepcode different?

Today, DeepCode offers the most advanced contextual semantic static code analysis platform that outperforms the prior rule-based generation of static analysis systems by 10x.

DeepCode can analyze even extremely large code repositories in a matter of seconds without any set-up required: just log-in with your existing GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket account: For integration into your daily workflow, DeepCode offers a CLI, API, and an open-source VS Code extension in addition to the bot which continuously monitors your selected Git repositories.

How to get in contact with DeepCode?

By DeepCode’s website:

DeepCode continuously improves the toolset and the backend. Also, code analysis is only the beginning. The technology can do more. To keep up with the latest developments by DeepCode follow our social media channels:

By its Social Networks:

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