9+ Best Fintech Companies In NYC To Watch In 2022

9+ Best Fintech Companies In NYC To Watch In 2022

9+ Fintech Companies in NYC To Watch in 2021

Financial technology, aka fintech! It is a holistic approach of combining technology with financial services to provide cost-effective and fast financial solutions!

Fintech companies are becoming a new normal around the globe for the provision of safer, faster, and affordable financial services and transactions. The scope of the fintech companies has been expanded from more than the secured payments and transactions. The services, once dependent on the bank branches, salesmen, and desktop, have shifted to a few clicks on your smartphone.

New York has become one of the leading fintech investment hubs! It is the fastest-growing fintech industry in the US and the second-fastest in the world. Therefore, we have compiled some of the top fintech companies in NYC; you must know for your financial services.


It is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Nyc. The idea of this fintech startup was to improve the desktop experience of financial professionals by creating an operating system that is fast and innovative. At Openfin, a team of dedicated developers, financial experts, market analysts, and industrialists are working hard to improve the customers’ experience.

The company was started in 2010 with the launch of a desktop OS. It has grown to a network of 500 employees and integrated more than 1000 desktop solutions for industrial corporations. So far, Openfin has created more than 1500 happy customers from sell-side and buy-side firms. You can visit the company profile at:



A fintech company started in 2010 and has grown to produce 50000+ satisfied customers and trust! It is a company based in New York City, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is also a member of FINRA(Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

This fintech startup was initiated by creating a Robo advisor to automate your investing preferences based on your goals. The company is often known as betterment.com. Three services are being offered under the current business model of this fintech company in New York. The services include a platform of advisors, retail investment, and 401(K) for mid-market business. You can start to get your personalized investment advice by betterment LLC at:



This is one of the notable fintech companies in NYC with a proven track record of creating financial solutions for customers from different industries. The mission of the company is to empower people in making their financial decisions smartly. It is a fintech based on financial advisory for your personalized financial needs. Either you have to buy a home or calculate your tax. Or choosing a bank for account opening, different tools developed by the SmartAsset team will be your partner on the journey.

The current stream of advisory services offered by SmartAsset includes your bank account, managing and choosing a credit card, mortgage calculators, tax calculators, investment decisions, and choosing the right retirement plan! This company feels pride in serving more than 45 million people with their personalized financial tools. Visit the company’s website to get started:


Abacus by Emburse

Number 1 among the fintech companies in NYC for its real-time expense reporting! Abacus is part of Emburse that is the globally leading fintech company for expense management solutions. The AP automation solutions of the company are trusted by over 4.5 million people in around 120 countries. The highly personalized and configurable account management solutions of the fintech leader are trusted by more than 15000 customers who range from small startups to global giants.

Abacus has the honor to be listed on G2 Crowd as a #1 mid-market expense reporting software. Abacus provides an easy to manage the way of reporting your expenses in real-time. Reconciliation of credit cards, reimbursements to the employees, or implementation of expense policy were never easy before abacus. Over 1000 customers use abacus for their monthly operations, including Betterment.com, GLG, and Coinbase. Start reporting your expenses in real-time by visiting:


Second Measure

Another leading fintech company in NYC! Getting real-time data of your consumer’s behavior and financial performance was not easy for investors before the second measure. Every data has a story! A team of professional financial analysts, developers, technical analysts, and data scientists are on the mission of helping customers discover the stories behind the data! The raw transaction data is very valuable for any firm, and they help to predict consumer behavior by the raw transactional data for the firms.

The company was formed by two enthusiasts and is currently headquartered in New York City. The company is backed by the investments of Y contributor, Citi Ventures, and other top investors. Discover the story behind your customer’s data by visiting:


Heaven Term

A simple idea of life insurance has been used by this fintech company. Heaven term is issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. Why is it backed by Mutual Massachusetts? Because the company wants to always deliver trustable and timely commitments to their customers and having a back of industry leader with 160 years of experience is the best solution!

The startup was initiated by the co-founder of the company who had to struggle for weeks to get life insurance for his newly bornt! It led him to create an easy and simple solution, so he started the company Heaven Term. The company has been providing its services to many customers for past years. Get your life insurance policy now by visiting:



eCommerce has a large portion of the graph! So, why should the eCommerce companies ignore the safety aspect of online purchasing? The Riskified team stepped in to help the eCommerce stores tap the full potential of their businesses by providing secure purchasing experience to the online shoppers. Artificial Intelligence and machine-algorithms based solutions of the company are aimed at securing the merchants from payment failures, verification friction, and legal claims of fraud. This makes the company one of the best fintech companies in NYC. Get your eCommerce store fixed now by Riskified. Log on to company’s profile at:



Started in late 2001, Equilend is a securities lending platform. The fintech startup was initiated by leading financial services institutions with a common goal of optimizing the financial securities industry with standardized solutions. The services of the company includes automated trading services, post trade services, trade lifecycle management, clearing services, business management,  getting global financial securities data, and many more. The services are designed to provide efficient, automated, and innovative financial solutions for securities lending. Visit the company profile at:



Initially founded as Libra in 2014, the company changed its name to Lukka. The credit on the company’s part in developing the first cryptocurrency calculator. This is one of the fintech companies in NYC that have served many middle and back-office software companies. The perfect bridge between blockchain methods and current business needs! The company has been proudly serving many CPA & accounting firms, digital assets exchanges and digital desks; miners protocols, and more. Visit the company website now at:


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