Top Healthcare Startups In NYC 2021

Top Healthcare Startups In NYC 2021

Healthcare Startups in NYC are getting more relevant. The United States is a country with one of the most well-managed healthcare systems around the globe. The costs to efficiently run the system per year is around $3.5 trillion. It’s not just the huge funds that make the U.S healthcare system effective. It’s rather the vision to continuously revamp current diagnostic protocols and treatment procedures while integrating promising cutting-edge technologies for promising results.

Healthcare startups have a crucial role in discovering novel techniques/procedures and testing them for effectiveness. In the U.S, healthcare startups in NYC have made waves in the industry because of their out-of-the-box approach. Let’s dig in deep to explore what healthcare startups in NYC have to offer.

Top Healthcare Startups In NYC 2021

Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health is an internet-based company pioneering it’s facilitation services to the Oncology community, researchers, and hospitals alike. For the community, the company offers its OncoCloud platform that delivers optimum patient care, manages bills, provides insights, and analyzes the best-suited candidates for clinical trials that might show promising results. Over 2600 clinicians are already using the platform to better manage their patients.

Flatiron started as a healthcare startup in NYC. Now the company has over 280 community clinics and 800 academic research centers that are a part of their network. The company shares in-detail data and analytics based on genomics to help researchers evaluate and come up with effective therapeutics.

CareDox, Inc.

Health check-ups play an essential part in keeping a tab on the health condition, especially in growing kids and teens. CareDox is one of the healthcare startups in NYC that has crafted a well-managed system of integrating K-12 public schools into their technology-driven, cost-effective health management system. The schools are connected with the families and healthcare providers through the platform.

In-school vaccinations, annual health check-ups, and chronic disease management are conducted without the hassle and managed effectively through their technology-driven solution. CareDox collects HIPAA and FERPA-compliant digital health data, immunization compliance reporting, and chronic disease management statistics from the schools to better understand the problems and mitigate them effectively.

Oscar Health

From top healthcare startups in NYC, Oscar Health is revolutionizing healthcare through their diverse team of leading technology experts, policymakers, researchers, and renowned scientists. They are one of the best healthcare startups in NYC working endlessly to provide solutions for patients who did not have a good experience with the U.S healthcare system. Oscar health provides the best possible solutions such as:

  • Incorporate cutting-edge technology in healthcare systems with a complete feasibility
  • Cost-cutting personalized care for patients
  • Get investors on board to pump in the much-needed capital




In the list of healthcare startups in NYC, Zocdoc is facilitating millions of patients with their well-managed network of healthcare providers. The company will help you find doctors near you, list the possible appointments you can get online, and get appointment reminders. You can also book preventive checkups with the third service. A patient experience sharing forum is active to check for the real-time opinion of patients. The whole service is free of cost all across the United States accessible via the internet and apps available on android as well as iOS platforms.

Curve Health

Curve Health is a telemedicine company that facilitates communication between patients and their healthcare providers. They offer unprecedented services that make patient care easy to manage for hospitals and nursing homes. Now Physicians can connect with their patients in nursing facilities or special post-operative care facilities using the telemedicine platform.


Amplicare has made its name in the top healthcare startups in NYC by offering its services curated for the pharmacist community. With their platform, pharmacists can offer their services to a huge patient base, propose patients better available treatment options. Communication tools are available on the Amplicare platform to contact the patients directly with ease. Insights like revenue streams, patient retention suggestions to improve performance are also provided by the health and wellness company.


ZIpari is a computer software company based in Brooklyn that has helped revamp the healthcare insurance industry. The company maintains its name well in top healthcare startups in NYC as they offer a unique consumer experience platform that is curated keeping the patient’s needs their only priority. Based on the consumer’s personalized needs. The company offers its platform, the 360 CX engagement hub that includes all the possible health insurance services which will b recommended according to the patient’s specific profile. This whole process is further made hassle-free due to their simple and easy to use service. Zipari service center is available 24/7 if you encounter a problem or still are unclear about their services,


A digital healthcare company offering a SaaS-based communication platform that facilitates patients to connect to their doctors in an easily accessible way. The company ensures the consumers get top-notch patient care and aftercare. Every single virtual care service like telemedicine, scheduling, reminders for appointments, after-care management, and 24/7 customer service are integrated into aa easy to use, comprehensive suite. Pager is no doubt a revolutionary company that makes a spot in renowned healthcare startups in NYC.

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