Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco 2020

Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco 2020

San Francisco is one of the most important hub for startups, and Healthcare Startups in San Francisco are part of this innovation ecosystem. Healthcare startups all around the globe are continuously in the struggle to find innovative products, services, redefine drug discovery and treatment protocols while at the same time research extensively to make their services easily accessible and affordable. These innovative healthcare startups have leveraged the latest technology and utilize the already laid out digital infrastructure that is accessible to a majority of people in this technologically driven era.

The healthcare industry is ever-expanding but among such healthcare service providers, there are a few revolutionary healthcare startups in San Francisco that are worth mentioning. Let’s take a look at how these healthcare startups are playing their part in improvising the healthcare industry standards.


We all are familiar with health issues such as anxiety, stress, peer-pressure, and insomnia. Such health conditions have increased many folds in this modern age. From the notable healthcare startups in San Francisco, Calm is offering its meditation app that addresses such health conditions. The health and wellness company has a meditation app, especially curated to help fortify the brain. The app contains hundreds of hours of meditation content and has proven to do wonders. It was ranked as the best app from apple in 2017 and has secured the spot as the number one app on mental fitness.



UBiome is focused on sequencing the human microbiome and study changes that occur when affected by certain diseases. The company is managing a publicly accessible out of the box microbiome sequencing technology that records, analyzes, and interprets the data to help understand more about these microbiome changes. The data can be extensively used by clinicians to better evaluate the patient’s health condition and select the best possible treatments which would prove beneficial.


The Human Diagnosis Project

This revolutionary company has made it to the top healthcare startups in San Francisco because of their novel approach of incorporating artificial intelligence into their healthcare platform that enables its users to have a precise evaluation and promising treatment protocols available that best suit you. They offer a very affordable service which is simple to use.

It just takes 5 minutes to answer some preset questions on their platform concerning your health condition that would help better identify your symptoms. After your symptoms are identified, the platform locates the best available clinician, sends them your initial findings and updates you about the diagnosis and all the possible causes that led you to this health condition. With this detailed insight, your healthcare provider can better evaluate and propose the best available treatments.



Benchling is no doubt on top of not only the healthcare startups in San Francisco but also a revolutionary company for its out of the box approach of using biotechnology to take on challenges in healthcare, clean water, hunger and even renewable energy. They have a strong team of well over 230,000 researchers, data scientists, and bright minds from virtually every industry to better brainstorm, design, test, and analyze the data in detail. This in-detail analysis serves as a gold mine for industries Benchling’s cloud-based R&D platform makes hunting for specific data easy while sharing insights with researchers and scientists that turn it into experimental context for better projection of the outcomes.


Denali Therapeutics

In our list of top healthcare startups in San Franciso, Denali Therapeutics is making waves, especially in the neurology sector by just focusing its R&D on finding novel therapeutics and management systems for neurodegenerative diseases. We all have an idea of the problems patients face with such progressing conditions. A constant tab on the health is of utmost importance to better understand what areas need attention.

The company has talented researchers, investors, and successful industrial mentors on board to develop translational medicine therapies. The company uses state of the art diagnostic tools which map out a detailed analysis while considering genomics, biological factors, and internal changes that lead to the progression of the disease. Their scientists and industry experts utilize the data to run curated experiments to further push the novel therapy and establish its effectiveness.


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