Discover Holo|one Augmented Reality (AR) Development For The B2B Sector

Discover Holo|one Augmented Reality (AR) Development For The B2B Sector

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I interviewed Sven Brunner (CEO) and Dominik Trost (CMO) at Holo|One. Holo|One is a Swiss Startup focused on Augmented Reality (AR) development for the B2B-sector.

They have the goal is to provide a standardized AR solution for businesses in order to increase efficiency and effectivity.

Why did you create Holo|One?

Holo|one Founders infos

The co-founders are Sven Brunner (CEO) and Dominik Trost (CMO). Sven has been awarded a M.Sc in informatics from the University of Zurich and has extensive programming experience dating back to his teens.

Dominik got his first hands-on business experience during a three-year apprenticeship right after finishing school. Later on, he was awarded a B.Sc in Business Administration from the FHNW Switzerland.

The purpose of Holo|One.

Holo|one was created to provide enterprises that want to introduce mixed reality into their processes with an independent option to do so. Instead of creating a row of custom products, the goal of holo|one is to create an all-encompassing platform with all mixed reality use cases for enterprises in order to make the technology accessible to anyone interested.

Founder’s personal story

For Sven, it was always clear he’d start his own company one day. When the HoloLens was released in 2016 and combined mixed reality with spatial computing, he was immediately drawn to the technology: In what others deemed just a plaything, Sven saw the future.

Together with his lifelong friend Dominik, they started what is now holo|one and developed sphere, the first standardized mixed reality platform.

What is your vision?

To become the de-facto standard for enterprise mixed reality by combining all common use cases into one tightly integrated platform – sphere.

How do you help your customers and partners? 

Currently, holo|one specifically targets the manufacturing & industrial sector (aerospace, automotive, machinery, transportation) and the construction industry including architecture. These are the industries showing the highest readiness for adoption and represent the areas in which the use cases covered by sphere lead to the largest benefits – design, manufacturing, operation, service and training.

Additionally, holo|one has partnered with several distributors, which will provide support services, to be able to quickly scale and supply the demand. Next to distributers, holo|one is actively approaching and in discussion with several major players along the (enterprise) software value-chain. This includes hardware manufacturers (Magic Leap, Lenovo, Microsoft, Huawei) and ERP / CRM providers (Infor, Sage, SAP).

What makes Holo|one different?

Although companies specializing in Augmented Reality are springing up more and more quickly, there are only few that specialize on a standardized solution and out of those, holo|one still has the edge.  Compared to companies such as Microsoft, Spatial and Scope AR, holo|one is the only one providing a platform solution that covers all the common use cases. And even within the specific use cases, the holo|one spehere is the most feature comprehensive.

How to get in contact with Holo|One?

You can contact Holo|one by its web:

By email:

Holo|one can be reached at all times under Further, each employee is individually available under Mail is observed at all times and responded to as soon as possible.

Or by its Social Networks:

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