Discover How myskillcamp Is Used By Trainers To Teach 2020.

Discover How myskillcamp Is Used By Trainers To Teach 2020.

Myskillcamp is an LXP: a Learning eXperience Platform. Through this platform we offer companies the opportunity to build together an optimal training environment for their employees by aggregating internal content (produced using the integrated authoring tool) and external content (thanks to our numerous content publishing partners or the company’s own). 

Discover How myskillcamp Is Used By Trainers To Teach.

3 Profiles on myskillcamp learning platform.

The myskillcamp learning platform is a place where everyone (employees or “learners”, training managers, team leaders, trainers, training partners, etc.) can work together through the different roles offered. To date there are three profiles:

  • I learn”, which offers an interface dedicated to learning contributors (personal dashboard, catalogue or library, communities, learning content reader, etc.)
  • I create”, with a tool allowing the content designer to create modules or paths with a multitude of activities, whether digital or not.
  • I organise”, dedicated to training managers who will be able to manage apprenticeships in the company.

Our latest development now allows us to present a fourth interface, “I coach”, to organise content from preparation to post-training follow-up. A tool truly designed for the trainer, and not an administration tool redesigned for this role which is too often neglected!

Could you tell us what are the main new features on myskillcamp platform?

“I coach” makes it possible to offer support for the three training stages: “before” (preparation), “during” and “after” the training, in order to improve the quality of learning and increase the commitment of each learner. For each stage, different functionalities are highlighted to guide the trainer in his task, which include:

  • Managing a group of users: it is possible to hold discussions with all or some of them, send reminder or encouragement messages or e-mails, share resources, etc.
  • An intelligent alert and information system, which aims to draw the trainer’s attention to where he could make a useful contribution or is even required, for example when a learner has not progressed for a week, has responded to an exercise requiring manual correction, or has registered for training.
  • Monitoring the progress of each individual and analysing the effectiveness of training, using a statistical tool that allows you to “zoom in” to answer any questions which come to mind, and using post-training evaluation.
  • If the content contains classroom training, attendance can also be recorded online. This is much faster than with paper, and there’s no need to complete attendance sheets in the evening in your living room!
  • And even more significant, a system for sorting and archiving current and past sessions, a more intuitive document sharing management system, exchange communities specific to each training group, sharing and feedback from your experts, etc.

How does this new interface work?

When content is made available to learners, a trainer can be appointed from among the platform users. This trainer will then automatically be granted access to “I coach” from the home page, and will of course be informed of this!

Who is your target user?

At myskillcamp, we think that today, too often, assistance to digital training is neglected. Digital training would not require human intervention? And as far as face-to-face training is concerned, the trainer is too often restricted to the training day, with little means of assisting the learner before and after the training. Learners’ needs analysis? Memory anchoring? Impossible!

With “I coach”, we serve companies who want to restore teaching to its rightful place, and provide their trainers with a tool that is up to the task.

What are the main benefits of using “I coach”?

The objective of this interface is to help trainers in their educational follow-up. Different trainers will be able to organise their training sessions and follow their learners’ progress. Through all the functionalities listed above, the trainer will be able to grow in efficiency and increase his employees’ commitment. In addition, he will be able suggest that they extend the learning experience by giving them access to in-depth content.

Ultimately it will make your trainers more efficient, and improve the learning transfer for your learners!

What makes “I coach” different?

Several key and innovative functionalities have already been mentioned, such as the organisation of the simple but rich tool for the three training stages, or the intelligent alert system to allow trainers to focus on the essentials.

One more key functionality will be added: “extend the experience”. In myskillcamp, it is possible to go further after the training or simultaneously in different ways: communities, mentoring or coaching, other training sessions on the same theme, tools to build memory anchors… How do you not get lost? Simply because all these options are grouped together and made as accessible as possible to the trainer, who therefore has all his options in the one screen he is led to!

And the best is saved for last: learning support is the role of the trainer-facilitator… but it’s also a responsibility of the employee’s manager, isn’t it? It’s just behind in our roadmap. Offering a support tool to the manager, allowing him to visualise the skills of his team and of each individual, to visualise the learning path of his employees as they complete it, or even invite his experts to create content and share it with the rest of the team!

Can I have a demo?

Of course! If you would like to get a demonstration of our platform or have more information about our product you can make an appointment with us by sending an email to:

Where we can discover “I coach”?

We plan to set up entire communication methods to present this new interface, including a webinar.  To have more information about it, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on our progress, and get the details of the upcoming presentation webinar! 

Newsletter link in the website footer.

We will also be present in Paris, at the Learning Technologies exhibition, stand G40, where we will be able to discuss about this new role and all the others, and see how they might be useful for your project!


About myskillcamp.

Myskillcamp is a growing startup consisting of about 20 people. We also have several sites in Belgium (Tournai and Brussels) and in France (Paris).

Our mission is to help companies guide and motivate their workforce to master the skills they need today and will need tomorrow. Learning the right skills at the right time is a real challenge in a fast changing labour market. 

Myskillcamp wants to be a real game changer by reducing the gap between learning and career development. 

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