Intelectium Funding Accelerator Partner With 2020

Intelectium Funding Accelerator Partner With 2020

In our mission to help Tech Startups to go Global, Startups Tips closed a partnership with Intelectium Funding Accelerator. Intelectium is now part of our Partner Ecosystem.

Intelectium Funding Accelerator Partner With

Intelectium Introduction.

Intelectium is a business acceleration and seed investment company specialized in technology based startups development and financing. We work with high caliber entrepreneurs helping them refine their business plans and find venture and public capital to finance growth. Among our clients are companies such as Glovo, On Truck, Waynabox, Nextail, ShuttleCloud, Colvin, 21 Buttons, Badi, Whisbi, Brainsins, and many others.

How does Intelectium help to the startups?

We help entrepreneurs to finance their technology startups with private and public capital investment.

We study and analyze projects and business models to define an optimal capital structure that adapts to the needs and objectives of each startup, taking full advantage of all existing financial instruments.

We adapt to the times of each company and project, getting involved in the achievement of specific objectives and offering personalized advice, adapted case by case.

Intelectium Services –  We help to fund technology startups with:

  • Private Fundraising
  • Public financing in co-investment
  • Public financing R&D
  • Landing in spain

We help you to fund your technology startup with private investment and loans from spanish and european public entities.

Who are your target Startups?

Technology and innovative startups. We only work with startups and very innovative SMEs, that use technology as the center for their proposing value and also as a barrier to entry and make a difference from competitors.

We like to work with passionate entrepreneurs, capable of spreading their enthusiasm to all those who are needed to be attracted to become their idea in success.

Our main obsession is to find and support those entrepreneurs who seek to solve real problems with high impact in the society. Investors look for scalable startups, addressed at high-growth billionaire markets, which allow them to multiply their investments 10 times at least. And this can only be achieved if the problem to be solved already exists and people try to solve it with inadequate tools.

Could you mention some success stories?

Badi, Marfeel, Glovo, On Truck, MyPoppins, Immfly, Instamaki, Sheltair, 21 buttons, Yego, Shargo, Genomcore, Qmenta, Mi Cuento, Nextail, Influencity, Mondo, Colvin, Pharmacelera, Whisbi, Canard Drones, Seedtag, Wide Eyes Technology, Octone, Wooptix, Mr Jeff, Anaconda, Yumehub, Cobee, Psious, ABA English, Science Bits, Hosco, Nested, Neuroelectrics, Inflight VR, Black Limba, Petoons, Pridatect, Adsmurai, Blintech, Flexidao…

What we have achieved so far?

+15 years helping companies
+350 startups clients
+100 millions of euros channeled

How to get in contact with Intelectium?

Contact form of our main website:

Or by its Social Networks:

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