Kipuwex – An IOT Device Startup For Pain Assessment 2020

Kipuwex – An IOT Device Startup For Pain Assessment 2020

I interviewed to Marko Höynälä (CEO) at Kipuwex Ltd. Kipuwex is a Finnish Health Tech Startup focused on pain assesment.

Kipuwex’s mission is to decrease the pain in the world by providing reliable pain assessment at home and hospitals regardless of patients age, gender and illness.

Why did you create Kipuwex?

It is unbelievable that no one has developed an objective pain measurement device and children are therefore suffering from pain-related problems like life-Long Trauma, Disorder in Development and Chronic Pain. This problem should have been solved ages ago, but since it has not been solved I wanted to be the first person on earth to solve this global problem.

Founder personal story

I’ve always been interested in MedTech. Only in May 2017, when Oulu University Hospital and the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District organized an innovation competition to find solutions for pain management, I had a chance to showcase my ideas. I ended up winning the Innovation competition. The win made Kipuwex development possible as it allowed me to work very closely with the nurses and doctors who are world leading experts in the pain domain.

I’ve worked over 20 years in telecommunication industry in various executive level positions at world leading high-tech companies and demonstrated on continuous basis, abilities to deliver and work effectively within large, complex and diverse multisite organizations:

CEO of Wiciot (

CEO of Exiops (

Director of Operations, Nov 2013 – Feb 2015 (Broadcom Communications, Oulu Finland)

Director of Operations, Dec 2010 – Oct 2013 (Renesas Mobile Europe, Oulu Finland)

What is your vision?

Kipuwex’s vision is to become a world-leading company in pain management domain.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Kipuwex is a small wireless IoT device that continuously and digitally measures different physiological parameters from the patient and converts them with an algorithm into reliable pain data that can be used by healthcare professionals and home users to relieve suffering, reduce complications, promote patient recovering and shorten hospitalization.

What makes Kipuwex different?

Kipuwex is different from other pain assessments because it objective, smaller, continuous and wireless. Currently, in hospital environments manual pain measuring scales, such as Flacc, Comfort Behavior Scale and NIAPAS, can be used to measure pain. The problem in these subjective observations and biased assessments is that they are exposed to the possibility of human error, and hence, are not fully objective and reliable. Also, they do not monitor the pain level continuously.

How to get in contact with Kipuwex? 

Are you interested to know Kipuwex from the Technical side? Discover in the article at High-Tech Trends Magazine: Kipuwex – An IOT Device For Pain Assessment.

You can contact Kipuwex by its web:

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