Discover LogoGrab – The Leading Logo and Mark Recognition API 2020

Discover LogoGrab – The Leading Logo and Mark Recognition API 2020

I Interview Luca Boschin and Alessandro Prest, CO-Founders at LogoGrab. LogoGrab allows you to detect logos and marks at scale in images and videos. They provide the leading logo and mark recognition API to monetize and monitor your visual content.

Discover LogoGrab – The Leading Logo and Mark Recognition API.

Why did you create LogoGrab?

We originally developed our Visual-AI technology with the concept of enabling innovative brand engagement campaigns (such as those that we enabled with McDonalds, Heineken, Cadbury, and others). In these cases the technology was used to allow consumers to better engage in advertising campaigns, or the ad campaigns were developed around the capabilities of the technology. These 2 examples will explain this well:

This was, and continues to be successful, but as we started having more conversations with people who became aware of our technology, we discovered that much bigger opportunities existed in areas such as Brand Monitoring, Sports Sponsorship Monitoring, Counterfeit Detection, Product Authentication, and numerous other use cases.

We, therefore, set about turning a service offering into a B2B platform and businesses quickly engaged. Companies like Brandwatch, eBay, Bloomberg, TVEyes, Nagra and Sprinklr were able to add key functionalities to their platforms and service offerings. The business has grown exponentially from there.

The world has changed from words to images and videos.

These opportunities came about because the world has changed from words to images and videos (as highlighted by the transition of social media platforms towards being predominantly, and even exclusively, based around visual media).

The problem is that the systems these companies built to track brands, counterfeit products, etc. were all based around analysing written words and tags. The visual media was a dark zone for them that they needed to unlock. Their initial answer was to throw people at it. But this was not only ridiculously expensive, but they quickly realised that it was an impossible task – like counting grains of sand while a bulldozer keeps pouring tons more sand onto the pile.

Innovative technology.

Our technology was a revelation because, unlike people, it can process millions of images and thousands of hours of video per day, at immensely high precision and recall, cost-effectively, and without getting tired. This unlocked vast new possibilities for these companies and they fully embraced and exploited it.

Founder personal story.

LogoGrab first came to life after Luca and Alessandro met in a bar in 2008, while they were both living and studying in Switzerland. The curious, youthful, dynamic pair were actively developing quirky apps on the side, in the hopes of seeing them go viral on the App Store.

LogoGrab was originally developed as a part of Luca’s thesis project. Initially, it began as an app where the user could recognize a logo on their phone, and provide them with information on the brand.

In 2014, the pair received a significant investment from the Swiss Family Office and Enterprise Ireland. This gave them a substantial amount of funding to develop the idea further and fuelled their move from Switzerland to Dublin’s emerging tech hub. They quickly realized while working on the technology that there was a much more interesting market out there to tap into, and so they decided to solely focus on building and licensing the technology for two years.

In 2016, LogoGrab was officially launched as a product. LogoGrab has now grown from three people working and living out of a penthouse to a company that is experiencing steady year-on-year growth with nine team members across development, sales, and marketing.

LogoGrab is currently headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with a registered office in New York City.

What is LogoGrab’s vision?


LogoGrab regards itself as a people-first AI company. LogoGrab believes AI is capable of solving some of the greatest problems mankind is currently facing, in terms of the growing amount of data currently available. LogoGrab believes Visual-AI will be used to help people within companies to do less of the boring (binary) tasks, freeing people up to do more of the augmented (non-binary) and collaborative tasks.

How do you help your customers and partners?

We really have 4 types of clients:

1. Platforms.

These are companies that offer subscription-based offerings. They provide brand intelligence for numerous needs. A good example is Brandwatch, who were able to deliver new kinds of intelligence, as well as enhancing legacy data, with Visual-Only insights. Another is MVPindex who provide sophisticated sports sponsorship monitoring and monetisation data based around highly accurate intelligence from processed broadcast video where we detect when brands are seen, how long they are seen for and where in the frame they are seen.

2. Specialist Service Providers.

Typically, these would be counterfeit detection companies and product authentication providers. They don’t have a platform, but they use or develop software to achieve the specific goals required. Examples are Nagra, who provide brand protection services

3. Marketplaces.

This is obviously companies that sell products, who want to either stop counterfeit products being sold and/or protect Trademark/copyright holders. The biggest example of this is ebay, who we help to identify listings for fake products and TeePublic, who use our technology to ensure that copyright brand, movie or artist imagery is not reproduced illegally.

4. Creative Agencies.

As the name implies, agencies look to run innovative campaigns that maximise consumer interest and engagement to drive higher sales. The YouTube examples highlight this perfectly.

Each of them have a need to find something in visual media/items. It could be as ‘simple’ as identifying logos and marks in images or as complex as validating holograms or identifying and categorising ads.

What makes LogoGrab different?

LogoGrab is a people-first AI company, we are set apart from the rest as we are about putting people first in planning and execution to make AI more helpful and accessible. Our technology stands above the rest as it can learn to identify new logos and marks in as little as three minutes, unlike other systems that require deep-learning, and take several days or weeks.

How to get in contact with LogoGrab? 

By its website:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website

By its Social Networks:


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