Mapiq: Making Office-Life Easier

Mapiq: Making Office-Life Easier

I interviewed Anne Wernand, Head of Marketing at Mapiq. Mapiq is a Dutch Software platform Startup that shows your smart office in an interactive 3D map.

Mapiq: Making Office-Life Easier

How did Mapiq started?

Mapiq started five years ago with two PhD students from the Delft University of Technology. The love of technology led them to the belief that buildings should be more than bricks and office life could be easier. After growing a team of six people, a designer, two software developers, and a psychologist they landed their first clients.

The project that made Mapiq fly

The first big project of Mapiq was Deloitte’s ‘The Edge’. Named as the world’s most sustainable and smartest building in the world. And in just a few years, Mapiq grew its client base rapidly with clients like Unilever, Danone, and EDGE Olympic. But not just the client base, the team grew into over fifty ambitious professionals who love smart buildings.

Work-life is already complicated enough

Working takes up a big part of our lives. And work-life is already complex and fast-paced enough. Mapiq believes the office is the center of working life and technology plays a big part in connecting employees to their work environment.

With Mapiq employees can easily book meeting rooms, find colleagues and see where there are workplaces available. All can be done with the snap of a finger on the mobile or desktop application. The data the platform connects gives building owners inside into how the office is used. Making it easy to adjust the office to the needs of the workforce. What drives Mapiq is its user-centric approach to make the workdays of employees as smooth, social and healthy as possible.

One tool for employees.

A lot of other smart office solutions focus on just one part of the office, such as roombooking systems. Mapiq believes that employees don’t need multiple apps to control the office. To make this a reality they firmly believe in partnerships. Building an ecosystem of specialists in their own field who work together to create the best user experience. Besides that, they also focus on the well-being of the end-user, instead of just cutting down costs. Mapiq is one of the 50 fastest growing Dutch tech scale-ups, won two times the FD Gazellen award and is mentioned as Start-up to watch by Memoori.

How to get in contact with Mapiq?

By Mapiq’s website:

You can find more about Mapiq on its website.  If you’re interested in a demo, you can contact Mapiq’s Sales Developer Yannick Kok.

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