Morningscore: The All-In-One SEO Tool For Leaders 2020

How do you know if your SEO is profitable for your business? I interviewed Karsten Madsen, CEO & Founder at Morningscore. Morningscore is a Danish Martech Startup providing the tool that speaks the language leaders understand – $ and the ROI.

Morningscore: The All-In-One SEO Tool For Leaders

Founder personal story.

Karsten Madsen, I am 28 years old and I am the founder and the CEO of Morningscore. I founded my first company back in 2010, a digital agency called Morning Train. We have almost 30 employees today and we are still growing fast.

I was always dreaming about building a global SaaS product, and this dream finally came true when we started working on our very own SEO tool called Morningscore.

Why did you create Morningscore?

I created the Morningscore SEO tool, because I wanted to find a way to make SEO both simple and understandable for our clients and customers. The problem with all the tools out there is that they are too complex, and made for the SEO experts, not for the decision-makers.

Our All-In-One SEO tool is based on one key metric, which is your Morningscore itself. It calculates the value of your websites SEO in any chosen currency, so you get a measurable overview or with other words the ROI on your SEO processes.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to make the ROI on SEO measurable and easy to understand for decision-makers. We believe that leaders need a SEO analytics tool, that is like reading a financial statement.

The motto of Morningscore is to #MakeSenseOfSEO.

The unique selling points of Morningscore
The unique selling points of Morningscore

How do you help your customers and partners?

We believe that the starting point are our customers. We listen carefully to what they say and think about our software, and we develop our SEO tool further by implementing their ideas.

As for our partners, we are working very hard every day to grow our global reach and to ensure a strong online presence. We pay a very high 40% commission to affiliate partners and even give them exclusive deals to promote.

What makes Morningscore different?

The Morningscore key metric is the number one unique selling point that differentiate us from our competition. Furthermore, we gamify your work processes when doing SEO, which is another strong basis for differentiation and makes us unique from our competitors.


We have this ‘astronaut in the space’ theme, which means that you are the “SEOnaut” exploring the planet of SEO. Our customers tell us, that they are addicted to the ‘SEO space missions’ in the tool, and that the successful green checkmarks make them buzz. This is awesome feedback to receive.

How to get in contact with Morningscore?

By Morningscore’s website and email:

You can find more about Morningscore on its website

You can get in touch with it via our e-mail address:


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