MOTIONTAG – Creating Seamless, Sustainable And Smart Mobility 2020

MOTIONTAG – Creating Seamless, Sustainable And Smart Mobility 2020

I interviewed Stephan Leppler, CEO & CO-Founder at MOTIONTAG. MOTIONTAG is a transport analytics tool for smartphone apps made in Germany. It reliably tells you how, when and where your users are traveling by collecting smartphone sensor data and processing it with smart algorithms.

MOTIONTAG – Creating Seamless, Sustainable And Smart Mobility.

Why did you create MOTIONTAG?

MOTIONTAG emerged out of projects at the Innovation Center for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ) where MOTIONTAG’s founders were working together on the first smartphone-based GPS-tracking project (yes, even before Google did so!). This is how the initial idea and our mobility analytics solution originated.

We understood that the norms of data collection are very outdated- you can witness that for example in the public transport sector where data about passengers’ travel behavior is generated with the help of manual click counters and pen & paper surveys. Seeing this in the 21st century is frankly unacceptable. 21st-century mobility needs adequate, precise, multimodal, intelligent mobility data!

Stephan Leppler – CEO & CO-Founder at MOTIONTAG

Stephan Leppler - CEO & CO-Founder at MOTIONTAG

As MOTIONTAG’s co-founder and CEO, I hold a degree in environmental engineering and was always fascinated by technological innovations in mobility and infrastructure-related matters. Before starting MOTIONTAG, I worked at the Infrastructure and enterprise division of the Institute of applied ecology (Öko-Institut) and as a mobility consultant at the Innovation Center for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ) where I led the aforementioned department of GPS tracking.


What is your vision?

We at MOTIONTAG believe that the mobility future of cities must be sustainable, smart and connected. Our focus is to connect existing and emerging mobility services in a seamless way through sound mobility insights on which new services can then be developed, such as personalized information, digital travel companions or smart ticketing schemes.

We believe that city planning and design will become more agile, which requires systems that respond to real-time data and citizen’s evolving needs. Our vision, therefore, is to make mobility intelligent by describing and understanding real-world mobility through data-driven services. MOTIONTAG acknowledges that mobility goes beyond public transportation and scaled its solution for different actors in the mobility ecosystem, for public and private transport providers, transport authorities and cities, logistic companies and research institutes.

How do you help your customers and partners?

As a B2B company, we work with different stakeholders in the mobility sector. The Swiss National Railways (SBB), Swiss Post, Deutsche Bahn (DB) or Berlin’s public transport authority (BVG) are among our clients.

Consequently, our use cases differ depending on whom we are conducting our projects. Generally, we help our customers to understand how their users (or citizens) are moving across a given space, using what modes of transport and for what purpose a journey was undertaken.

How do we do this?

Our core product is a software that is integrated into our clients’ existing apps or ready-made white-label apps. By providing this micro-service we contribute added value to existing solutions. Using machine learning on smartphone sensors the technology can fully automatically and in real-time detect when, where, why and how people use transport services- imagine Google Analytics for the mobility sector- this is what MOTIONTAG is creating.

Consequently, we can determine travel preferences and travel patterns that are imperative for efficient traffic and city planning practices but also for scaling one’s operation in the transport industry. Understanding the intermodal activities of users, completely changes the interaction providers can have with their users and allows for the implementation of new services, such as seamless ticketing solutions, personalized travel offers and information, and contextual services.

This way MOTIONTAG brings intelligence to urban mobility and helps stakeholders from the transport industry to stop guessing and start measuring what passengers really want.

What makes MOTIONTAG different?

Like every company, MOTIONTAG, of course, has competitors in the market that are likewise collecting mobility data for their clients and building services with the help of this data. Many of these competitors are focusing on automotive data or are using the data to target health and insurance markets. At MOTIONTAG, in contrast, we set our goal to create added value for the mobility market as a whole and are using data for this purpose only.

Thanks to our independent and in-house developed technology we have built the first software capable of generating detailed, real-time data on how individuals travel around cities- no matter how many and what modes of transport they use.

The granular and intermodal data that we are generating is imperative to solve the unfolding urban mobility chaos and create user-centered services that pose real alternatives to individual transportation.

The underlying problem on the streets is that mobility service providers do not have holistic data available on how everyday urban mobility works and operate in isolated silos. They might know the usage of their own system but not how users move before and after and hence do not know how well integrated their service is in the overall city structure and where untapped opportunities are resting. Without a clear picture of actual demand, urban mobility resembles a wild west situation and is heading towards total gridlock and collapse- already visible in the megacities of the Global South.

How to get in contact with MOTIONTAG? 

Are you interested to know more about the technical side of MOTIONTAG? You can find on the following link:  MOTIONTAG – Creating Seamless, Sustainable And Smart Mobility

By its website:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website

By the next events and conferences:

We also are quite active in showcasing our solutions at different industry events. You can visit us for example at the MOVE 2020 Conference in London (February 11-12) or the German IT-TRANS (March 3-5 in Karlsruhe).

By its Social Networks:

We have a lot of exciting new projects starting within the next months and will announce them via our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


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