Nanos: Online Advertising Backed Up By Machine Learning 2020

Nanos: Online Advertising Backed Up By Machine Learning 2020

Sasha Schriber is the founder and CEO at Nanos ( based in  Zurich, Switzerland. Nanos is an online platform that makes placing paid advertisements a straightforward process accessible to any business around the world.

We are a privately owned Swiss startup with our R&D unit based in Zurich – a dynamic fast-growing team of software engineers, UX designers, business experts and machine learning engineers. We work in a close collaboration with ETH (the Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland), Swiss media Institute and Disney Research Zurich. Our scientific advisors team has two tech Academy Awards (Oscars) under their belts.

Nanos: Online advertising backed up by Machine Learning

Why did you create Nanos AI?

We wanted to demystify online advertising, in simple and affordable ways. Our main goal is to help small and medium business owners gain visibility online, so that they can attract more customers. For example, if you are a restaurant that wants to announce that you now offer take-outs or delivery service, we can help you with that in simple, convenient steps.

Founder Personal Story: Sasha Schriber

The story started when Sasha was approached by a language tutor in a former company. This tutor handed over his physical business cards and asked her to distribute them to prospective clients. To her dismay, this incident occurred after Sasha helped him build a website. Yet, his business was practically invisible online. It dawned on her how complicated it was for the average small business owner to place online ads. Nanos was born soon after this and it has since evolved into the smart digital marketing tool, backed by Machine Learning technology it’s known for today.

What is your vision?

We believe that marketing should be demystified. Nanos does not impose on subscriptions, nor contract requirements. It’s a do-it-yourself, pay-as-you-go system that puts you in control of your digital marketing. We want to help small businesses around the world to save money and time on online advertising. We’re currently active in the European and LATAM regions. We also plan to launch in the US and Asia later this year.

How does Nanos help its customers and partners?

At the end of your ad campaign’s run, you get an understanding of your target audience, as Nanos will generate an automatic report on your campaign. This way, you will be able to learn more about your customers’ demographic and address their needs accordingly. For example: you have a food delivery business and find out that the customers in your area are mostly university students’ age. As a way to boost your business, you might want to offer special deals, such as cheaper bento boxes during delivery off-peak hours.

Should you not have a website, we can create one for you and start advertising your business for free as part of an organic search, on Google, Facebook and Instagram. If you do have an online marketing budget to spend, we will support you through ad creation and placement. We will also optimize your ads continuously, during the life cycle of the ad campaign. If one of the platforms – Google, Facebook or Instagram – is not performing well, we will automatically reshuffle and place the daily budget to another platform. And this process happens automatically without any human intervention.

For our partners, we have rolled out an international sales partnership program, working directly with agencies, companies and individuals who present Nanos product and technology locally to their clients. We support
our partners with various growth and loyalty programs, based on a revenue share business model.

What makes Nanos AI different?

With Nanos you can start advertising even if you don’t have a website or just decided to move your physical business online. Within 24 hours of publishing your website at Nanos, you can already have your business visible to your prospective clients. Particularly to those who are searching for products or services similar to yours, at no cost for you. It is so worth 20 minutes of your time to create your website at Nanos!

Nanos AI is different from other advertising apps in the market as it’s backed by Machine Learning technology. It’s an all-in-one interface for your online ads that has a unique feature of automatically reshuffling your budgets, to the platform that works best for you. We charge a fee of 17% of your advertising budget which is lower than a marketing agency fee. In the case we were not able to spend the money in full, we will refund any remaining balance automatically to your method of payment at the end of  the campaign’s run.

How to get in contact with Nanos?

Through Nanos’s website and email:

Nano’s website is
You can email us at


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