New Horizons Global Partners To Help Startups Go Global 2020

New Horizons Global Partners To Help Startups Go Global 2020

This is part of our Tech Startups Magazine. In our mission to help Tech Startups to go global, Startups Tips closed a partnership with New Horizons Global Partners. New Horizons Global Partners is now part of our Partner Ecosystem.

New Horizons Global Partners Introduction.

New Horizons Global Partners is a global consultancy offering specialist inbound investment services for companies seeking multi-country operational setup, particularly in Asia. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, but with regional offices in Europe, North America, and elsewhere in Asia, we provide end-to-end legal, tax, human resources, and immigration solutions that enable small to mid-sized companies to establish and grow sustainable and compliant commercial presences. We have helped hundreds of companies to take their business global, including a number of tech startups.

How does New Horizons help start-ups?

We help entrepreneurs by analyzing their expansion projects, working with them to define the best market entry strategies, and providing a range of corporate services to support their expansion.

In addition to providing extensive recruitment and company incorporation services across Asia, we also serve as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) (also known as an Employer of Record (EOR)).

As a PEO, we harness our global workforce expertise to enable businesses to hire talent in a number of countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. In addition to ensuring a fully compliant onboarding of the employee with local language contracts, individual mission letters, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, tax registration, and social insurance enrolment, we also handle all ongoing administrative human resources tasks, including comprehensive benefits management, expenses processing, and termination/renewal as appropriate. In short, New Horizons Global Partners represents a completely outsourced human resources solution for our clients, allowing for rapid, flexible, and compliant global expansion.

New Horizons services – We help start-ups to expand globally with:

  • Staffing and PEO solutions
  • Payroll and HR management
  • Recruitment
  • Global Mobility
  • Company Incorporation
  • Accounting and Auditing

Could you mention a success story of New Horizon Global Partners?

New Horizons Global Partners was approached by wine import giants, Confrérie des Domaines, to support their expansion into China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Confrérie des Domaines was without a locally registered entity in Asia and required assistance with employing a sales and marketing team to develop the company’s brand in the region.

We facilitated the onboarding of both local and foreign nationals, by handling the drafting of labor contracts, arranging the necessary visas, registering the individuals for tax and social insurances, all in compliance with local labor laws. We also leveraged our local partnerships to arrange shared office spaces with others in the beverage industry. Our team’s expertise led to a seamless and effective market entry for Confrérie des Domaines, which has since allowed the company to develop strong business relationships that are enhancing the brand and enabling them to achieve key KPIs in the region.

What New Horizons Global Partners achieved so far?

New Horizons Global Partners has experienced rapid expansion in recent months, covering over twenty countries in the APAC and Middle East regions and establishing a reputation for excellence in Europe and North America. We are one of very few companies that actually has its own offices throughout Asia, and this allows us to develop robust teams with unparalleled local legal, tax, and human resources expertise. Our services have been featured in numerous global publications, including Business Insider, Reuters News, TechBullion, and Global Trade Magazine. We have long-lasting relationships with our clients all over the world, and as we continue to grow our operational teams across Asia, we look forward to supporting more companies with their global expansion plans.

How to get in contact with New Horizons Global Partners?

You can contact us through:

 Or on our Social Networks:

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