PropertySimple, Powerful Marketing Technology For Real Estate Agents

PropertySimple, Powerful Marketing Technology For Real Estate Agents

We recently sat down with Adrian Fisher, serial entrepreneur and CEO of PropertySimple, a powerful platform that provides real estate agents all of the tools they need to compete in a social media powered world by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Adrian is an expert in real estate marketing and a frequent contributor to several publications including Forbes, Inman, and REALTOR® Magazine. He is also a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and he is the Technology Advisor at Magma Partners.

PropertySimple, Powerful Marketing Technology For Real Estate Agents

Why did you create PropertySimple?

I started in this industry by creating a product to help people find properties to buy or rent. While working on that product, I realized that the real challenge was on the agent side, rather than the consumer side. Real estate agents struggle to get their listing in front of interested buyers at the right time, and if they could improve their ability to do so, it would drastically improve their business. Therefore, I created PropertySimple as a solution to that problem.

Can you tell us a bit about your personal story as a startup founder?

I moved to Argentina in 2005, and while living there, I saw how most financial transactions were cash transactions because there is a deep distrust of banks. This made paying rent or other large payments challenging because such large cash payments are risky and inconvenient. So I created a system to allow people to make rent payments and manage properties online. Once I moved to Chile, the idea expanded because I saw additional difficulties around finding properties to buy or rent in another market.

Once in Chile, I realized the opportunity to create a property portal to help real estate agents to connect with customers as well. I grew this platform to the #2 property portal in the country. At the same time, my father started his career in real estate, and he started helping him to market himself in the US. This is when I realized that agents in the US needed a tool to help them connect with clients, so I decided to move back to the US and start PropertySimple.

After learning to code and building out a team of 30 people based in Mendoza, Argentina to work on my idea, PropertySimple was created. Each step allowed me to see another gap in the market, and ultimately, led me to create PropertySimple.

What is your vision?

My vision is to help real estate agents expand their businesses and generate leads and sales by connecting with more clients. The way we do this is by providing a technology platform that can manage their marketing campaigns, provide data-based insights about their clients, and help them work as efficiently as possible by automating certain tasks.

How do you help your customers and partners?

PropertySimple offers a product that helps agents grow their businesses, expand their reach, and build out their personal brand with marketing automation, analytics, and targeted marketing ads. We understand that real estate agents have limited time, so we simplify marketing and advertising for them.

What makes PropertySimple different?

There are many marketing technology companies out there, but we offer something very niche: marketing technology created specifically for real estate agents. For example, in our suite of tools, we have a Social CRM that generates insights about the people who interact with social media content, helping agents cater to their individual needs and nurture those leads.

We use data analytics to track content engagement and compare content performance, as well as monitoring responses and helping agents manage outreach by providing suggestions for follow-up actions. Our marketing automation tools schedule and publish posts, suggest relevant real estate content, and automatically generate video ads and ad campaigns across social media platforms based on listings and open houses.

Where can our readers connect with you?

You will find all the information via our website:

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