Reblaze: Web Application and API Security

Reblaze: Web Application and API Security

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Reblaze is an innovative Cybersecurity vendor coming from United States and Israel. Their founders and senior management have decades of experience in technology and security, including extensive work with government agencies of both Israel and the United States.

About Reblaze

Reblaze is a cloud-based, fully managed protective shield for sites and web applications. Hostile traffic is blocked in the cloud before it reaches the protected network.

Reblaze is a comprehensive web security solution, providing a next-gen WAF, DoS and DDoS protection, bot mitigation, scraping prevention, CDN, load balancing, and more.

A unique combination of benefits by Reblaze’s platform.

The platform offers a unique combination of benefits. Machine learning provides accurate, adaptive threat detection. Dedicated Virtual Private Clouds ensure maximum privacy. Top-tier infrastructure assures maximum performance. Fine-grained ACLs enable precise traffic regulation. An intuitive web-based management console provides real-time traffic control. A one-month trial offer allows you to assess Reblaze with no cost, risk, or obligation.

What is your vision?

Reblaze’s vision is to gather all sites, web application and API security solutions in one place and supply a “one-stop-shop” to the organization’s web security needs.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Reblaze gives customers and partners peace of mind. We offer a completely managed service solution with a 24/7 support team. After a short setup, you can rest assured knowing your web assets are completely protected.

What makes Reblaze different?

Reblaze allows its customers a holistic security solution that is completely isolated from various web threats, by supplying a dedicated VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) to each customer.

We are a multi-platform, multi-region, multi-zone, single-tenant cloud-based security solution.

When you don’t share cloud space, you don’t share the attacks. Our ability to deploy on any platform, be it GCP, AWS, Azure, or your own platform, can enhance our customers’ current cloud capabilities and add an extra security layer. Reblaze’s advanced monitoring capabilities can give you a 360 degrees look of your security at any given time.

How to get in contact with Reblaze? 

You can email to Reblaze at

In case you are experiencing a DDoS attack, you can email us at or call our 24/7 support team at +1 (888) 615-5996.

You can also keep in contact and find more by its website:

Or by its Social Networks:

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