Robocash P2P Lending Platform For High-Yield Investment

Robocash P2P Lending Platform For High-Yield Investment

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I interviewed  Sergey Sedov, Founder & CEO,  at Robocash. Robocash is an European Fintech Startups on a mission to allow their private investors to earn more and faster by investing in short-term consumer loans.

Why did you create Robocash?

To start with, it is important to mention that the P2P lending platform Robocash is a part of a big financial holding Robocash Group, which today incorporates non-bank consumer lending companies in seven countries in Europe and Asia.

By the moment when the platform started its work, the group was already present in Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan providing financing to people underserved by banks. As a company doing everything in-house, we were completely bootstrapping our success on the market. At some point, targeting expansion, we started lacking funds. After having a closer look at the opportunities in crowdfunding, we decided to create our own P2P lending platform that could help us cover the gap in financing. Thus, Robocash appeared with an idea to support the growth of the holding in the following international scaling and promoting higher financial inclusion in the emerging markets.

Founder personal story

I am from a city in southwest Siberia, Russia. There, I spent my whole childhood, finished school and entered a university. I graduated in Law, but during the study, I made up my mind to follow another direction. I started thinking about building my own business. I had many friends in IT who supported me when I came up with an idea to create a company that would develop online shops. The things were going good, and I managed to save some capital. Later, I used it to co-found my first non-bank lending company in Russia in 2010.

Sergey Sedov Robocash
Sergey Sedov, CEO at Robocash

I am thankful to my family and friends who supported me at that time. In the very beginning, we did most things on our own. That background also made me realize that online technologies and automated solutions would have a huge impact on the future. With that idea, later in 2013, I began building my first online lending service in Russia. A few years later, it has grown into the international fintech holding Robocash Group.

What is your vision?

Although the platform is an intermediary in its nature, still, it has inherited the DNA of other products of the group. In particular, automation and machine learning solutions. With advanced digital technologies at use, we are driven by the idea to become the best financial service by comfort and speed for end-users in each country in our footprint. On the group level, we are now focused on scaling in South and Southeast Asia and see how financial technologies improve the lives of people in these markets. We are aspired to contribute to this process further.

How do you help your customers and partners?

With the P2P platform Robocash, we allow our private investors to earn more and faster by investing in short-term consumer loans. In its turn, it helps us in promoting financial inclusion in the emerging markets.

For instance, the latest figures in Global Findex state that almost 850 million people in South and East Asia out of its two billion population had no bank account in 2017. At the same time, it is important to mention that having a bank account doesn’t equal full, quick and easy access to finance.

Therefore, 580 million adults more had an account but remained underserved. There may be different reasons for that: from lacking the credit history to living in remote areas. Our data-driven approach and the use of in-house technologies enable us to serve such customers.

What makes Robocash different?

Since the very launch, Robocash has provided only automated investments. Moreover, it was one of the first P2P lending platforms, which refused manual investments completely. It has made investing in Robocash very simple, easy, and put users on equal terms. Besides, as the majority of loans available on Robocash are issued for up to 30 days, it ensures the high turnover of funds for investors.

Another point is that the platform belongs to Robocash Group and works with the affiliated lending companies only. We call it a “peer-to-portfolio” business model. It serves for the benefit of users, as the integrated loan originators provide a complete buyback guarantee on all loans. It makes investments secure and allows users of the platform to return the principal amount and receive the earned interest in any way.

Then, the cherry on top is the opportunity to enjoy passive income from P2P lending right there and now. Although the platform is fully automated, we encourage our investors to follow the strategies they prefer: either reinvest funds fully or accumulate it on balance. At the same time, while continuing to reinvest the principal amount, Robocash also allows withdrawing the earned interest straight to investor’s balance. It gives investors more freedom in managing their funds.

How to get in contact with Robocash?

There is a live chat on the website –


You can always contact the Support team by writing an email to

Or by its Social Networks:

We are always open to any questions, so feel free to contact us any time.

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