Serket – Artificial Intelligence for Livestock Health Management 2020

Serket – Artificial Intelligence for Livestock Health Management 2020

I Interview Kristóf Nagy, CEO & CO-Founder at Serket – Artificial Intelligence for Livestock Health Management. Serket is a Dutch Technology Startup on the mission to provide livestock (health) management software with AI and Computer Vision.

Serket – Artificial Intelligence for Livestock Health Management

Why did you create Serket?

My aim was to create a change in one of the oldest industries called Livestock Management. When pig farming started in Mesopotamia people used their eyes to monitor the pigs and detect sicknesses. Today we use the same technology and based on a dutch study a farm worker has 1 second/day/animal. What can you do in 1 second? Due to this, the industry is facing serious difficulties. We were looking into solutions that are high in animal welfare and make the production more sustainable but at the same time provide solutions to the current and future challenges.

What is your motivation?

Europe facing high-risk avoidance for the young people, so my motivation is to show the youth that they can follow their dreams. In this journey success and failure should be celebrated equally because those are essential parts of the innovation.

If I can do it maybe I can inspire other people because I am just a regular guy. I worked at a technology company and after 2 years I was able to teach my staff to do the work so my job became repetitive. This is the moment when you need to move so you can keep developing yourself.

I decided to follow my dream and do something good for the world. But it is true that in every position you can contribute to a better future. If you do your job with passion it is already great contribution to the society, and if you believe in innovation and startups then you not necessarily need to start a startup to support one. You can do it from a multinational company taking the effort to contract with startups or you can also work for a startup or you can write about startups.

There are so many ways and if you are interested in our journey and tips then I made for this purpose an Instagram account where I am sharing our real journey (negative and positive side) and useful tips so one day you can also make it.

Co-Founders personal story

I have met Atilla at a party at VU University. Atilla was studying computer science and I was studying business. Our friendship started at that time. We have done a fair trade platform that participated in the Philips Innovation Award, so this is our second project together.

What is the Serket vision?

We want to implement a technology solution to livestock management, thereby reducing global antibiotic usage and other difficulties experienced by farmers. We want to make agriculture an attractive industry for the next generation so the greatest minds can feed our future. Our dream is to strengthen the sector to enable it to become the cornerstone of a sustainable civilization.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Serket software PIGUARD is designed to detect changes in five different measures of behavior: activity level, aggression, eating, drinking, and social behaviour.

An alert tells the farmer to check on the herd in a certain location and suggests potential remedies. Feedback from the farmer on actual conditions helps the AI deep-learning algorithms improve their performance.

This will result in 5.7 EUR /Saving/Pig which could be in some years all the profit for the farmer. We also contribute to the more sustainable production by optimizing the efficiency of the production. Moreover, our data could also help with outbreak detections so we can localize and minimize the effects.

What makes Serket different?

We only use cameras, so totally stress-free for the animals. We are the first mover and market leader solution in Europe for pigs (which includes the best network, advanced technology, and support from NVIDIA and AWS).

We have a great team with young talented people and that’s can’t be copied with money. We get direct requests from people that they like our idea and our vision and they want to join. We always open to these requests we really believe that collecting the best minds to feed the future is not a goal but a vision and positive movement.

How to get in contact with Serket? 

By its website:

You can easily get in contact with us via our website: www.

By its Social Networks:


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