Spaceti – Data-Driven Workplaces On The Rise

Spaceti – Data-Driven Workplaces On The Rise

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I interviewed Do Thu Trang, Communcation and PR Manager at Spaceti. Spaceti is a Czech PropTech Startup, providing integrated solutions of sensors, data analytics and mobile user interfaces that enhance the satisfaction, productivity, and well being of people in buildings while improving the bottom line for organizations.

Why did you create Spaceti?

Spaceti was founded by Max Verteletskyi with a few colleagues from IBM. Their mission is to make a positive impact on well being and productivity by digitizing offices they are occupying. Max’s personal vision is to make a positive impact on more than 1 billion people using the power of technology.

What is your vision?

Spaceti aims to revolutionize and optimize how commercial real estate is managed and operated; to transform how people interact with the indoor environment, and to improve the employee experience at work along with providing tangible cost savings.

How do you help your customers and partners?

Spaceti addresses the efficiency and effectiveness challenges faced by tenants and landlords: expenses from inefficient property management; and a lack of reliable data to make key decisions that lower operating costs and create a smart flexible workspace.

Spaceti - Proptech - Dashboard

By installing the Spaceti solution, tenants and landlords increase revenues and reduce costs. Tenants can monetize higher workforce efficiency, better office usage, and eliminate energy inefficiencies; while landlords can leverage new insights into the portfolio’s needs, improve facility management, and increase tenant retention.

Spaceti’s business model is based on a business partner model complemented by direct sales. Certified partners are responsible for reselling, installation, and maintenance of the Spaceti solution to enable scalability and global reach. Spaceti also utilizes partial direct sales depending on the opportunity and to remain directly in touch with the market and its customers.

What makes Spaceti different?

Spaceti offers end-to-end integrated software and hardware solution. Its competitive advantage is built on deployment ease, usage convenience, and long-term value-adding software features.

How to get in contact with Spaceti? 

By Spaceti’s website:

You can find more information at Spaceti’s website:

By its Social Networks:

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