LAST Call for Startups: 164 Million EU Funding To Stop Coronavirus Outbreak

LAST Call for Startups: 164 Million EU Funding To Stop Coronavirus Outbreak

This article aims to inform you about the last call for Startups with the new EU funding to Stop Coronavirus.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the European Commission has decided to launch new funding of 164 Million Euros for all Startups or SMBs (Small and Medium Business). Startups and SMBs that can help to combat the Coronavirus Outbreak have now the chance to get funded by this commission.

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LAST Call for Startups: 164 Million EU Funding To Stop Coronavirus Outbreak

What is the purpose of this new 164 Million EU funding to stop Coronavirus outbreak?

Unfortunately, the amount of coronavirus cases have been increased daily dramatically over the past weeks. The experts claim that we haven’t achieved yet the peak. You can follow the latest statistics and evolution about the number of people infected, serious cases, people recovered, etc on the following link: Coronavirus cases.

Right now the worst cases are located in Europe (With Italy and Spain on the top of the list but followed by other European countries as Germany, France, and Switzerland).

Thus, the EU commission urges to bring new technologies in order to stop this pandemic and it has launched a new EU Funding to stop Coronavirus outbreak. It can be new technology with the following purposes:

  • Testing and monitoring aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • Stopping the spread.
  • Treating the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

What type of Startups or SMBs are able to apply?

Based on the official European Commission page for applications, there is no limitation on the type of startup or SMB or the type of solutions. We need the help of the whole society to stop this as soon as possible.

How to apply to this new EU funding?

You can find all open calls by the European Commission a the following link: “Funding and Tenders Opened“.

When is the deadline to apply to this new EU funding to Stop Coronavirus?

The deadline is on 18th March at 17:00(Brussels, Madrid European Local Time). Till this moment, all Startups are able to apply for this new funding.

More information at European Commission Website.

If you are interested to know further, you can find at the European Commission News Website.

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