Discover Top Startups Hamburg 2021

Discover Top Startups Hamburg 2021

Discover Top Startups Hamburg 2021

Entrepreneurship is essential for economic development. Beginning your business venture can bring you the most vulnerable position in life, but it also bestows the sense of exuded potent. There is a global drive to precipitate the growth and development of states through creativity and innovations. The past year has been dramatic and troublesome for a lot of people, but the pandemic made everyone opt for better and bigger opportunities. With that said, Startups in Hamburg have played a critical role as the keystone of economic development.

In recent times, it has become one of the most attractive incubators and markets for startups. In this guide, we’ll look up at some of the most ambitious and unflinchingly strong “Startups Hamburg”, Germany.


Our first recommendation of “Startups Hamburg” is Kreditech. Virtuous venture capitalist firms can provide complete assistance to startup businesses in many remarkable ways, and Kreditech is one of them.

The German company was founded in 2012 by Sebastian Diemer and materialized as one of the most successful startups in Hamburg. The firm aims to offer loans to the individual based on their trustworthiness, by utilizing their online data instead of traditional credit rating information. The company is well-known for assisting the flourishing firms in the primary stages that they find brimful of potential.

Kreditech is located in Hamburg, Germany, and specifically focuses its efforts on emerging platforms.


Assembled with the advanced researched methodologies Quantilope is an immaculately groomed platform that automates the entire research procedure from the survey evaluation to analyzing the data and visualizing the specific features.

The emerging company was founded in 2014 and is present in Hamburg, Germany. The rising startup in Hamburg aims to deliver well researched and high quality for a course of time and cost of full-service research contributors.

Surrounded by a professional team of specialized research counselors, Quantilope permits insight superiors to put more effort into the work without any compromise in quality.


In the astute world of Covid-19, while everyone is continuously trying to do something productive yet amusing, Jimdo provides a suitable platform to vanish their lingering frustration.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Jimdo aims to assist small businesses to blossom and grow online. It helps them to build their websites without the aid of any web designers. As we know that recognition without the assistance of sleazy alleys, it gets quite difficult for any small venture to build their goodwill, but Jimdo designs such intuitive tools to help small business ventures solve their complicated problems.

Jimdo is a leading startup venture in Hamburg, which smugly breaks all the gibberish barriers of class, race, ethnicity, and origin and promotes the feeling of lingering tenderness and equality.

  • HQ location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Industry: internet
  • Employees: 201-500 employees
  • Website:


With the secretive purpose of developing trade and investment into a safe and secure medium, NAGA envisions providing a secure platform that unifies banking, crypto-currencies, and social networking. Choose the righteous trader you would love to auto-copy, and in this way, you’ll mirror their trading activity successes.

The arising company was established in 2016 and is located in Limassol. Additionally, NAGA appraises an explorer in social trading, and professional traders can benefit from victorious traders as they can earn commissions from their facsimiles. Moreover, NAGA serves copy trading for CFD as well as non-CFD assets from its in-lying platforms.

  • HQ location: Limassol, Limassol
  • Industry: financial services
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website:


“Sports don’t fabricate your character because they just reveal it”. The statement explains the fact that sport captivates millions of people and develops the passion that can be anchorage by the brands.

Sponsoo is a team of professionals with a passion for frugality for sports. With a strong network and years of experience in communication with athletes, brands, and clubs. The ascending company was established in 2014 with an extensive approach to data insights and industry capability.

  • HQ location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Industry: Marketing and Advertising
  • Employees: 11-50 employees
  • Website:

Deposit Solutions

Deposit solutions arrived with the ambition to provide an open banking platform for deposits while connecting banks and depositors. The settlers of open banking were founded in 2011 by connecting with banks to establish new capabilities and enable significant growth.

The successful startup in Hamburg allows the banking system to serve captivating third-party deposit commodities through their accounts.

With a successful functional track with all the banks across Europe, it has already consolidated deposits over more than 25 billion Euros. It recruits a team of  300 highly qualified and professional work staff based in Hamburg, Germany.

Fashion Cloud

As the post-pandemic era is just around the corner, so does the exuberant joy of tactically putting up all of your fashion sense into your online brand. In this regard, fashion cloud flicker various ways and opportunities for the fashion industry.

Our last recommendation of “Startups Hamburg”: Fashion cloud, it works as a digital content exchange platform that co-ordinates with different fashion brands and empowers the intermingling of the marketing material and commodities.

The startup strives to work with international brands and famous retailers by integrating the content of fashion brands and by providing it a sense of frugality.

  • HQ location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Industry: information technology and services
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website:

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