Discover 12+ Innovative Startups in Europe in 2021

Discover 12+ Innovative Startups in Europe in 2021

Discover Innovative 11+ Startups in Europe in 2021.

Europe has been a harbor for many ambitious startups. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is called the European Silicon Valley with one of the highest startups per capita rate. This has marked the genesis of many innovative ventures and startups in Europe. The European Startup’s market is booming, thus I decided to remark 12 Startups in Europe to Watch in 2021. You can find their category and the representative country.


Divilo is the perfect neobank for SMEs and freelancers who want to manage their finances easily and clearly. With Divilo, you can take advantage of a range of features, including 24/7 payments worldwide, budgeting tools, and personalized service. With Divilo, you’ll always be in control of your finances!


Photoneo is a leading developer of advanced automation solutions based on in-house developed robotic intelligence and industrial 3D vision.

Based on a patented 3D technology, Photoneo developed the world’s highest-resolution and highest-accuracy snapshot area scan 3D camera for capturing scenes in motion – the MotionCam-3D. It was recognized with the IERA Award 2020, Vision Systems Design Innovators Award 2019, Vision Award 2018, and got among the inVision Top Innovations 2021 and 2019.

The product portfolio also includes industrial-grade PhoXi 3D Scanners, AI-powered robotic intelligence systems AnyPick, Universal Depalletizer, and Singulation & Sorting System, the bin picking solution Bin Picking Studio, and a PhoXi 3D Meshing solution for automated creation of 3D models.

Photoneo helps companies in the automotive, logistics, e-commerce, food, and medical industries to improve the performance and efficiency of their manufacturing, fulfillment, and assembly processes.

  • H.Q. Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Industry: Industrial Automation, AI, Robotics
  • Employee: 100-150
  • Website:


Vehicles and equipment are critical for the success of your organization. But keeping these assets rolling and profitable is a constant juggle which means maintenance schedules, fuel receipts, vehicle inspections, recalls, and much more. It can seem impossible to manage. Well, that’s where FLEETIO has got your back.  Founded in 2012 by Tony Summerville, the main incentive behind FLEETIO was to ease the management of fleets for organizations so that they can focus on their core missions. From acquisition to disposal, this modern fleet management software helps one to proactively manage every task in the asset’s life cycle, anywhere, with one easy-to-use platform. Thousands of people today use FLEETIO to manage vehicles, equipment, parts, driver, and much more. The Birmingham-based company recently raised $21 million in a Series B round (one of the stages a startup takes during the capital raising process).

  • H.Q. Location: Birmingham, England
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website:


FOODSPRING provides premium fitness food and sports nutrition. The main concern is to provide nutrient-rich, and quality enhanced balanced food for the customers.

Founded in 2013, the company has great ambitions. The core aim is to bring sports nutrition to the next level. Quality is the main concern, and it wants to provide the customers with the highest food standards in the world. In such a short span, they’ve managed to raise $27.2, and the future surely seems auspicious for them.


JOKO is a French company that has revolutionized the loyalty card by offering a smooth, optimized, and centralized customer experience. With the mobile application, the credit card becomes the loyalty card. After connecting the application to their bank through a secure interface, customers automatically collect reward points every time they use their usual credit card in dozens of big retailers such as McDonald’s, UBER, Starbucks, Zara, and many more. The process of collecting the loyalty points is fully automated. There is nothing to scan or to do. The user is automatically notified after the purchase, and the point appears in the application.

The company was founded in 2018 by a French guy named Xavier with the ambition of supporting all French people and soon Europeans by rewarding them on their everyday expenses. The company has a total funding of 11.7 million euros with a glaring future ahead of it.


Providing aid with the help of technology, AID TECH is providing an online platform to organizations to enhance the transparency and speed of disbursements.

Innovation award winner AID TECH provided social welfare payments in Singapore, disaster relief in the U.S., and microinsurance for women in the developing countries and now has been listed as one of the top 10 startups in Europe. The main aim is to put people in control of their own data. Using A.I. technology and machine learning, AID TECH is emerging in the U.K. within days for its outstanding services

Cognism Ltd.

Cognism, cofounded by James Islay and Stjepan Buljat is one of the most notable startups in Europe as it provides services to enhance and speed up your access to new customers.

In recent years, Cognism has achieved a lot. They won the best BESMA customer service and being listed as a LinkedIn Top 5 Startups in Europe during the last two years. By March 2020, they raised $12 M as G2 Winter Leader. Cognism enables its worldwide business customers to find and deliver new revenues faster and reliable. They provide over 400 million B2B contacts for the companies to grow their reach. Cognism is the best lead generation platform that is rising fast.

  • H.Q. Location: London, UK
  • Industry: Revenue A.I. Technology, Computer Software.
  • Employees: 200-250
  • Website:

Push Doctor

United Kingdom is an emerging online consultation platform, Push Doctor is providing patients medical facilities at home with ease. They truly care about their patient’s time and health concurrently.

Push Doctor has emerged as one of the successful startups in Europe and has engaged almost 5.3 million people across the globe. With the aid of technology, they are providing NHS-trained and GMC-certified doctors across the U.K over their online platform. U.K’s first digital healthcare good rating by the Care Quality Commission has been won by Push Doctor. This is the emerging future of healthcare, and in this pernicious era of COVID, it is in high demand.


DGROOPS is the only platform for tour operators & travel agents that enables them to connect with hotels to do group reservations. Angelinas Dimitri, CEO & CO-Founder at DGROOPS has faced all issues and complexity of the Travel Industry. Thus, DGROOPS acts as a facilitator in order to help its customers to scale up and grow their business.

Signal AI

Another British Startups, it is Signal AI. This Startup offers a stand-alone solution for media monitoring, reputation management, market intelligence, and regulatory compliance. Either it is a risk in the supply chain, any PR opportunity, or concern about Environmental, Social or Governance, regulations impact, or anything, the AI-based platform will give you real-time evidence-based insights for intelligent decision making.


In today’s world, almost all substantial businesses offer their services online. For that, they have their respective websites to engage online users. But optimizing a website to suit the need of the customers is not easy. In-fact, it diverts the company’s focus from its main goals. This is where YIELDIFY can ease your way. YIELDIFY is a website optimization software that aims to turn more of your visitors into customers by providing them with a very personalized and interactive experience.

Even though the company is relatively young, there have been more than 1000 websites that have opted for its services, including Domino’s Pizza, L’Oreal, and MEGABUS. The YIELDIFY team has great ambitions of influencing as many sales as possible by providing better and better online experiences to the customers. The company was founded in 2013, and in such a short duration, they’ve managed to win many prestigious awards at the U.K. and European levels. Their Series B capital generation is U.S. $6 million, with a bright future ahead of them.

Open Cosmos

Inaugurated in 2015 by Rafel Jordá Siquier, the company primarily focuses on providing space missions accessible to everyone. In April 2017, the company successfully launched the first nano-satellite qb01 in LEO.

The company aims to provide the lot needed to bring actionable data from space, vacillating from mission development software and payload prerequisite kits to ready-to-launch minor satellite platforms and auxiliary services.

The team comprises of 50+ talented personnel from over 17 nationalities. The services offered are span Engineering, Bid & Partnerships, Customer Success, Growth and Operations, Finance, and Market Expansion. They are fixated on emerging as a global corporation that deciphers some of Earth’s prime objectives, simultaneously being resolute to have a marvelous time along the way.

The Great Bubble Barrier

The Great Bubble Barrier, founded by three women who are on a mission to clean river plastic and save marine life from plastic.

The Great Bubble Barrier, based in Amsterdam, was founded in early 2017 by Anne Marieke Eveleens, Saskia Studer, and Francis Zoet. The company thought of the idea of cleaning waste products from the water. In May 2017,  the Bubble Barrier tested their project at an international water laboratory, and it went successful. Between January 2018, the Good Bubble Barrier raised €55,584 from 1240 supporters to make the primary permanent bubble barrier (The Great Bubble Barrier website).

Recently it has been working on EU CORDIS project, and its startup in Europe is increasing immensely. The longer-term seems promising for this fledgling of a corporation.

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