21+ Best Startups In United States 2021

21+ Best Startups In United States 2021

21+ Best Startups In United States 2021

“We will watch your career with great interest”, so was the young Anakin told in the legendary Star Wars series. But it’s true: it is always a pleasant sight to watch rich ambitions bloom and grow.  The year has, so far, been a very eventful year, one that will surely be remembered decades later. Apart from the pandemic and the sociopolitical events, it will also be remembered as the breeding ground of unprecedented opportunities and Tech startups in United States.

Social distancing and increased reliance of the world on information technology has led to the birth of innovative ventures and startups. In essence, every Startup is a good idea combined with some planning and capitalism. Even Microsoft and Apple Inc were once nascent startups who employed their million-dollar ideas to forge million-dollar capitals. In this article, we will look at 20 startups in United States, that with their great potential, are rooting to change our world and accessibility in coming years.


Lottie is an animated graphics format that incorporates various dynamic features. With users from 65,000+ worldwide, LottieFiles houses the world’s largest designers and developer’s community. LottieFiles has developed simple tools and easy integration to give users a delightful motion design experience that is faster, dynamic and striking.


Verkada knows how essential it is for you to protect your business using security cameras. After the recent series B funding, the company is all set to pass new boundaries, forging connections with the contemporary security providers for making AI commonplace in the field of security cameras and protection.

Although Verkada is a young Startup, it has been providing security solutions to more than 25000 companies and small organizations put of which 500 are blue-chip companies. The Startup envisions providing top-notch security services.

  • HQ Location: San Mateo, California
  • Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Security Software.
  • Employees: 200-500
  • Website: https://www.verkada.com/


Behind marvelous engineering breakthroughs, there are many contributors, one of which is Nuvia. Founded in 2019, Nuvia Inc is investing energies to deliver a high-performance computing experience. In this era of technical advancement, we are creating a lot of data, whereas the resources to process it is limited.

Nuvia Inc is here with a mission to upgrade computing performance by reimagining silicon. With intelligent engineering, Nuvia elevates the processor quality to yield efficient working and turnarounds. On September 24th, Nuvia raised $240 million series B funding to provide the industry with next-generation CPU performance.

Bright Insight

Employing technology to elevate medical solutions, Bright Insight is a startup providing expert Biopharma and MedTech monitory services.

Bright Insight has emerged as one of the successful startups in United States. With the use of smart software and technology, Bright Insight improves the digital healthcare experience of the consumers. The medical-grade internet of Things (IoT) platform by Bright Insights ensures optimized clinical performance and customer adherence.

Either it’s app development or digital marketing, the company is upgrading businesses with industry-leading practices. From creating a responsive patient portal to deploying smart algorithms, Bright Insight is offering expertise in a wide range. Founded in 2017, Bright Insight has already raised $40 M via CrunchBase funding.

  • HQ Location: San Jose, CA
  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website:  https://brightinsight.com


Built with the aim to improve cancer survival rates worldwide, Curemetrix is hope for humanity. Using upgraded and optimized methods, Curemetrix promises early and accurate detection of breast cancer.

Founded in 2014, this innovative medical company utilizes artificial intelligence to improve cancer detection technologies. Curemetrix is working on developing medical imaging analysis technology to support radiologists detect breast cancer in mammograms.

Improved Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) software by Curemetrix is set to optimize cancer treatments globally. Being one of the fast-growing startups in United States, Curemetrix has already collected 2 million images until now to work on their vision.

Modern health

Modern health is providing mental healthcare services to patients with stress and anxiety problems. The company is working on its mission to normalize and destigmatize mental health issues.

Founded in 2017, Modern health provides consumers with effective cognitive-behavioral therapies to help manage anxiety. Smart built software that keeps track of the patient’s mental wellbeing and improvement let patients deal with problems at hand.

Modern health is providing expert medical assistance to customers through personalized programs. The company aims to help people build resilience and healthy routines and fight social stigmas. Modern health has raised $50M series C funding.

Curative Inc

The pandemic led to the rise of many startups in United States with high visions and hope for humanity. One is the Curative inc.

Founded in January 2020, Curative Inc was initially set up to develop a sepsis test. However, following the Covid-19 rise in March 2020, the curative took the mission to set up a covid testing process and save lives.

Today, curative has partnered with a great many communities across the US. With 1.000,000 Covid test per week, 3000+ team members, and 10,000+ sites, curative has grown into a renowned health service provider optimizing communal well being.

  • HQ Location: San Dimas, California
  • Industry: Biotechnology
  • Employees: 1,001-5,000 employees
  • Website:http://curative.com

Deliverr Inc

In an era where Amazon has conquered the e-commerce market, it gets hard for sellers on other marketplaces to ensure fast delivery and generate more leads. Deliverr understands the need for effective solutions to the problem. With an easy setup process and pricing models, Deliverr is helping other startups in United States and beyond to scale their enterprise.

Providing the service of within 2-day delivery, Deliverr has boosted sales for a great many businesses. Founded in 2017, the company has raised $40M series C funding till now.

  • HQ Location: San Francisco, California
  • Industry: Internet
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website: https://deliverr.com/

Up key

Elevating E-learning for the student community, Up key takes the lead in enhancing education. Founded in 2016, Up key works on developing education platforms for consumers to stay ahead of the pack. Up key, being one of the promising startups in United States has benefited a large number of students worldwide to make their mark.

The intelligently built software provides access to jobs, projects, and internships. Great exposure to the online community of learned men helps students build confidence and achieve their goals. With 439% total headcount growth, Up key has been a  successful startup.

  • HQ Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Industry: E-learning
  • Employees: 11-50 employees
  • Website: https://upkey.com

Alluxio Inc

Technology advancements require intelligent data tiering and data management to ensure maximum output and growth opportunities. Alluxio provides open-source data-orchestration service to the consumers. Founded in 2015, Alluxio delivers consistently optimized performance to customers in high tech, retail, financial services, and telecommunication.

In FY21, Alluxio delivers 3.5 X year over revenue growth. Alluxio is venture-backed by Seven Seas Partners and Andreesen Horowitz. Founded at UC Berkeley’s AMPLab, Alluxio is providing memory-speed data access to files and objects.

  • HQ Location: San Mateo, California
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website: https://www.alluxio.io/


Founded in 2016, Tonkean is helping businesses create custom workflows simplifying the orchestration of complex business processes. By providing the consumers with a smart and efficient operation platform, Tonkean enables teams to manage and monitor critical processes.

The company aims to uplift non-technical teams from startups in United States and established enterprises as well. From connecting data sources to implementing complex logic, Tonkean effectively performs the duty at hand.  To optimize, accelerate, and align their operations, Industry-leaders such as Microsoft, EVERSANA, Hopper rely on Tonkean.

  • HQ Location: San Francisco, California
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website:https://tonkean.com


As a licensed insurance carrier, Lemonade is offering quality insurance services to US residents. Lemonade is also providing content and liability insurance in Netherlands and Germany. Uplifting social and behavioral economics, Lemonade believes in human welfare and service.

Founded in 2015, Lemonade has been a successful business venture that continues to be the market leader. Lemonade is powered by AI and funded via CrunchBase.


Identity verification is of significant importance in the business world as it builds trust between the customers and buyers. SheerID is a digital verification service that helps discover the identity of individuals and businesses. The company has been set up to mitigate fraud cases and minimize friction between the two ends.

Market-leading brands such as Amazon, Shopify, lowe’s avail of the valuable services offered by SheerID. As a thriving business venture. SheerID is setting the example for other startups in United States. Funded via CrunchBase, SheerID has raised $64 M series C funding.


In the current era where we produce more data than we can store effectively, monitoring and accessing it can become difficult. Capacity has converted this problem into an opportunity, helping startups in United States establish themselves.

Founded in 2017, Capacity has been working to widen the business capacity enabling team members to communicate and access the data instantly and effectively.

The company covers HR, healthcare, financial services, and education offering services to USA Mortgage, Credit Union, Framecad, and many others.

  • HQ Location: University City, Missouri
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Employees: 51-200 employees
  • Website: https://capacity.com

Chime card

Chime is offering consumers top-notch banking facilities. Chime helps users experience a reliable and comfortable banking process. A free and easy application process makes Chime a valuable and reliable banking service provider.

Founded in 2013, Chime promises users a different and better banking experience. The smart app by Chime ensures effective tracking of every process, helping consumers better manage money. Chime has raised $533M series F funding via Crunchbase.

  • HQ Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Employees: 501-1,000 employees
  • Website: https://chime.com/


Comet landed in the market with the vision of teaching AI to practitioners and teams. This meta machine learning platform helps end-users build reliable machine learning models.

A great many startups in United States are leveraging AI to keep pace with technology. With the advent of AI, the world is ready for producing better and Comet is here to teach it better.

Improving productivity and collaboration, Comet provides insights to produce next-generation technologies and applications. Founded in 2017, Comet has raised $4.5M funding via Crunchbase.

  • HQ Location: New York, NY
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Employees: 11-50 employees
  • Website: http://www.comet.ml


Founded in 2016, Modelop is providing services of governing, managing, and monitoring AI and machine learning models to foster enterprises. Modelop addresses critical governance to ensure effective AI application.

Modelop creates better opportunities for businesses by the use of their high-performance software, Modelops software. Achieving solutions for challenges businesses are encountering, Modelop provides its expertise to unlock the transformational value of AI. F1000 companies rely on Modelop to achieve AI initiatives.

  • HQ Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Employees: 11-50 employees
  • Website: http://www.modelop.com


E-learning is the need of not only individuals but also businesses to help them thrive. OpenSesame provides consumers with a comprehensive catalog of e-learning courses according to their tastes and needs.

To increase utilization and improve L&D programs, consumers get to sync their chosen courses with their LMS and administer every ongoing e-learning course. As a burgeoning startup in United States, OpenSesame has raised $28M via Crunchbase series C funding.

Axis security

Axis security provides businesses an efficient and trustworthy cloud security platform. Founded in 2018, Axis security understands the concerns of enterprise for their data security. Thus the company has come up with an innovative Application Isolation Technology to help ensure safety and minimize risks.

Axis Security has raised $32M via series B funding. The company envisions to provide simple, fast, and secure application access. Many startups in United States and other established businesses can deliver well-managed global access to employees and stakeholders. Axis Security is a zero-trust cloud security platform helping businesses thrive with peace of mind.

Crowd street

A trusted choice for institutional-quality CRE investing, CrowdStreet is a real estate investment service provider. Founded in 2013, Crowd street has emerged as the #1 crowdfunding platform. Today, the company is one of the industry-leading startups in United States for CRE developers and operators.

Through CrowdStreet’s marketplace, consumers get to access institutional-quality commercial real estate offerings. Investors avail of the quality services provided by CrowdStreet to raise their capital and grow their business.


A great many healthcare startups in United States emerged in 2020 following the devastating pandemic. Nanthealth is one such platform providing valuable medical assistance and services.

Nanheath offers evidence-based medical solutions to physicians, payors, and patients. The company was founded in 2007. As a promising clinical platform, Nanthealth has already raised $52.5M via Crunchbase funding.

  • HQ location: El Segundo, California
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Employees: 500-1000
  • Website: http://nanthealth.com

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