Tagvenue: Online Venue Booking Just Got Easy 2020!

Tagvenue: Online Venue Booking Just Got Easy 2020!

I have interviewed two young and inspiring entrepreneurs, Arthur Stepaniak and Max Kondratjuks, who co-founded one of the fastest growing online marketplaces for event venues, Tagvenue.

Tagvenue: Online Venue Booking Just Got Easy 2020!

What problem does your product solve?

Tagvenue allows customers to find and book online a perfect venue for any occasion imaginable.

Founders’ personal story

One evening, having been frustrated with the hassle of finding the right venue for a professional event for his corporate day job, Max was sharing his frustration with Arthur over a pint of cold beer. Max couldn’t get his head around why it was almost impossible to ensure that he was getting the right space for the right money without visiting all of these venues in person. Later that same evening, Arthur discovered that Max was also facing the same problem with  finding a venue for his upcoming wedding. And that’s when inspiration hit them.

Immediately, both of them saw a clear opportunity – there were loads of websites for booking travel, accommodation, and tours, but none for booking venues. After a few weeks of market research and weighing the risks, they decided to take the plunge and, in March 2015, Tagvenue was born.

What is your vision?

Technology and the Internet have made people’s lives so much easier in so many ways and have transformed so many industries. Today hotel rooms and taxis are being booked without needing to place a call, flat roommates are found in a matter of minutes and both sellers and buyers from different corners of the world are being connected everyday.

We want  to make the process of hiring a venue as easy as booking a hotel room or renting a room in a flatshare. It is with this mission in mind that we created Tagvenue.

How do you help your customers and partners?

For our users:

Since 2015, Tagvenue has helped over thousands of people around the world organise all kinds of events: birthday parties, corporate meetings, conferences and weddings.

Tagvenue team photo
Tagvenue team photo

Our platform is easy to use and we have the best venues in town. With our coverage of 15 cities around the world in four countries (UK, Australia, Singapore and Ireland), you can easily book a lunch in London, a dinner party in Singapore and a breakfast meeting for the next day in Sydney. Thanks to our top of the line search algorithm, we can suggest the best options for users and our service is completely free.

For venue owners:

Tagvenue also helps venues increase their utilisation rate. Thousands of people use Tagvenue every day to find the perfect venue for their corporate and private events. We help venues reach users interested in exactly what they offer. And so far we have won the hearts of over 3 000  venue managers and owners, who have chosen to list their venues on Tagvenue’s platform.

What makes Tagvenue different?

  • For users: We don’t charge our users any booking or administration fees. We match the exact prices a person would pay when booking directly with a venue.
  • For venues: we don’t charge any membership fees. When a client books a venue through our platform, the venue sends us a small commission of 10% only after the event has taken place and the client has paid for it.

We are agile and we listen to our partners’ needs. We work together with venue owners  to make their work easier and smarter, and make sure they remain  in control of venue availability and bookings.

How to get in contact with Tagvenue?

By Tagvenue’s website:

If you’d like to list your venue on our marketplace, please click here to fill out a short form – it’s completely free!

You can also drop us an email on hello@tagvenue.com or check out our website https://www.tagvenue.com/

We would like to hear from you – so feel free to connect on social media too:

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