Taikai – Open Innovation Social Network 2020

Taikai – Open Innovation Social Network 2020

I interviewed Mário Ribeiro Alves, CEO & Founder at Taikai – Open Innovation Social Network. Taikai is an end-to-end platform that manages open innovation challenges for organizations or corporate businesses.

Taikai – Open Innovation Social Network.

Why did you create Taikai?

Today we are living in world where more and more people seek for job flexibility and challenges that really fulfill them.

In a global survey conducted by LinkedIn, 37% of respondents said their current job does not fully utilize their skills or provide enough challenge.

That’s why we created the concept of work 2.0, a future where highly specialized individuals can look for challenge based opportunities, from different industries. That’s where Taikai comes in, our open innovation social network, acts as the facilitator.

Founder personal story

Mario is an economist by trade and a technologist by heart. Since he was a little boy he was interested in how technology could influence society and its behavior.

In the pursuit of this knowledge, he had several work experiences as a consultant at PwC, an investment banker, a Startup Advisor, a Community Builder, among others.

After accumulating all of this experience, building Taikai was a natural step for him as it was putting all the pieces together from each professional and personal experience.

Being a Taekwondo athlete for more than 10 years, he found that resilience and focus always pays off, having has a motto “You don’t fall if you don’t climb. But there is no joy living your whole life on the ground.”

What is your vision?

Taikai or 大会 (co-opetition in Japanese) is the act of joining competing forces to cooperate between themselves to achieve a better solution together.

Our vision is to shape the future of work, providing with the space and the right environment for our innovators to work on challenges posted by companies, present solutions and get money from it.

On other hand they can also showcase their work by allowing them to expose to the community their very own innovations or challenges. Can you imagine a world where you could work with NASA one day and with coca-cola the next?

How do you help your customers and partners?

When companies and other organizations face a challenge, sometimes they’re not agile enough to adapt their structure to solve it.

We bring a new solution for them by being able to outsource that work to our community of innovators that bring diversified and interesting solutions for those companies.

What makes Taikai different?

Taikai distinguishes itself from the competition in 3 main topics:

First, the approach to community engagement, with proprietary economic incentives. The token-based, transparent voting system and the social recognition systems.

The second topic would be the innovation frameworks, which are what guarantees that when you challenge a large community you don’t get a mix of opinions, but instead, you get the best of the diversity being able to in a recurring way provide successful solutions to customers.

As we have in our community our biggest asset, it is important to create the strongest teams to each challenge, that’s why we are collecting as much data as possible, our vision in the near future is to implement a Match-Making algorithm that will allow us to automatically suggest the best teams to solve each challenge.

How to get in contact with Taikai?

By its website and email:

You can get in contact with us via our website https://taikai.network/

Email: hello@taikai.network

By its Social Networks:


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