Discover Tapway: Delivery App For Small Business 2020

Discover Tapway: Delivery App For Small Business 2020

Gabriel Bambo and  Sanni Hakeem Ayomi, Co-Founders at Tapway Logistics, an American Startup with operations in Lagos, Nigeria.  Tapway Logistics provides a new way on how to deal with logistics in the everyday life of retailers and businesses using Artificial Intelligence.

Tapway: Delivery App For Small Business

Why did you create Tapway?

Tapway Logistics deploys crowdsourcing using Artifical Intelligence (AI) and related business intelligence solutions to mobilize pre-vetted drivers and connect businesses on our multi platform mobile application.Through the integration of these technologies, we can help Small Medium Enterprise, SME’s achieve their goals of fast, cost-effective same-day deliveries.

Our thesis is simple – innovation in logistics cannot exist without the proper infrastructure, which is real time data exchanges. Furthermore, how far the African logistics sector can grow is intrinsically tied to the success of an infrastructure like Tapway and with our core market in Lagos, Nigeria, we’re opening the door to another level of innovation in Africa’s largest emerging market.

Founders personal story

Efficient and dependable same-day delivery is an ongoing problem that continues to plague businesses on a global scale. The most vulnerable are the SME’s and start-ups having to spend an excessive amount to address delivery problems and appease their clients. Irrevocably, their customers are forced to bear the brunt of that expense.

Upon further investigation into a logistics nightmare, we at Tapway Logistics have discovered the potential for the powerful integration of technology and the ways it can shape the future of fast, effective, and reliable transport services. Our dream is to combine outstanding performance technologies with service providers to extend quick deliveries from Africa to the international sphere.

We hope to provide- Artificial Intelligence, crowd sourcing, and the use of disruptive technology to solve last mile delivery and other problems with the supply chain.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to help customers and merchants solve last mile deliveries and to further help small businesses reach their target audience in a timely fashion through our mobile application. In doing so, we hope to disrupt the existing system and democratize logistics through technology by letting people use our platform as an alternative source for generating revenue by serving as delivery personnels. In totality, we aim to create a global solution that connects people with products and create an excellent market for change.

How do you help your customers and partners?

SME’s are the backbone of any economy particularly emerging markets where we currently operate in. At Tapway, we aim to appease both SME’s in need of efficient deliveries while creating professional employment opportunities for drivers to perform last mile deliveries on a need-be basis. Companies are offered the flexibility of rapid and responsive customer deliveries while drivers can work flexible hours and earn extra income.

What makes Tapway different?

Tapway Logistics has uncovered the secret to the fastest and most reliable delivery services, both locally and abroad. We believe that modern technology is the way forward. By incorporating AI and disruptive technology, we aim to address issues from last mile delivery to problems within the supply chain.

How to get in contact with Tapway?

As digital technology is the way forward, Tapway Logistics incorporates crowdsourcing logistics. As the consumer demand for faster, same day and more reliable deliveries becomes increasingly apparent, there is a greater need for flexible driver and parcel or product transport solutions.

Learn more about our crowdsourcing logistics right here: Tapway Logistics.

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