Discover the Top Crowdfunding Platforms In 2022

Discover the Top Crowdfunding Platforms In 2022

With the evolution of smart technology, the world has modified nearly every aspect of our lives, and crowdfunding is one of them. Crowdfunding is a fresh and rapidly growing space that is reaping the utmost benefits of digital technologies. Undoubtedly, the internet has significantly contributed to chiseling the crowdfunding platforms and reaching your goals, especially when these platforms are willing to make valuable investments and provide new entrepreneurs a chance to raise funds from every part of the world.

Presently, one of the most severe challenges that startups face is getting capital for their new launches business ventures and turning their imaginations into reality. Crowdfunding platforms are a threshold to economic development. In the following guide, we’ll be reviewing some of the most reliable crowdfunding platforms around the world.

Top crowdfunding platforms in the U.S.A:


Acquiring capital for a new business venture is as tiresome as it’s rewarding. To avoid this nuisance, SeedInvest is a rising equity crowdfunding platform providing fresh entrepreneurs access to capital investments. This platform encourages the fastest-growing network of more than 50,000 investors. Surprisingly, this platform has funded over 191 startups including Asain Hustle network, which was assisted financially for promoting entrepreneurship.


Among other crowdfunding platforms, Fundable also occupies a significant space in the market. With the largest industry raise sizes and the best deals, The Ohio-based platform is being prioritized by every entrepreneur and investor out there who is seriously considering getting capital for their ventures. Fundable has done three big investments, and the most recent one was made in Feb, 2015 when a startup Gummicube raised $830,000.


MicroVentures associate angel investors with startup ventures. It is the first digitalized, and equity-based crowdfunding platform to allow venture capital financing. The founders of this crowdfunding platform promote initial capital and convince attributed investors to invest in private equity. Fortunately, if you end up putting your investment into a successful startup that ultimately gets public, you could multiply your investment over a period of a few years. Leaded by 5 investors, the firm has made 29 valuable investments till now.


This crowdfunding platform allows raising a valuable amount from investors. However, most campaigns acquire months to reach their goals. Regardless if you’re considering a restaurant or a fashion startup, you can collect enough funding from WeFunder to begin your journey happily. Backed up by 24 investors, the most recent one was done in Lips startup.


Based in New York City, RocketHub is the earliest social network crowdfunding platform to partner with the digitalized world. Incorporated in 2009, the platform aims to provide financial assistance to startups with instant requirements. The platform has been funded in two rounds till now.

The efficient crowdfunding platform was developed by a dedicated group of investors who wanted to introduce creative and flexible monetary services.


This crowdfunding platform provides a complementary boost to fresh ideas and empowers entrepreneurs to unite around sensible imaginations that matter for blowing life to their startup. Undoubtedly, being financial unstable or seeking to bring capital into a startup is highly stressful and equally frustrating. However, some of the projects in this platform provide donation-based crowdfunding. The most recent investment was done in 2019, when the firm helped ERA Timepieces raised $175,000.

Top crowdfunding platforms in Australia:


Based in New South Wales, GoFundRaise strives to make a difference for charities around the world by binding entrepreneurs, and organizations. By reducing costs and resources, this crows funding platform aims to raise funds more frequently. Since 2007, GoFundRaise has made a donation to charities worth 18,000 according to their requirements.


Equitise is a crowdfunding platform which arrived with the ambition to simplify funding crises. Gone were the times when entrepreneurs had to manually ask his close pals for making investments into their ventures. Equitise is an equity crowdfunding platform initiated with the aim of convincing ordinary individuals to invest in these startups. This platform has generated a total of $1M of funding since 2014.


Founded in 2010, Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and a community for emerging brands, creative projects, and imaginary ideas. It was developed with the thought of helping people by generating funds and turning their startup ideas into a decent reality. If you love your creativity, opting for this platform would be highly feasible.

Top crowdfunding platforms in Germany


With a dedicated group of more than 80,000 investors, Companiso is an emerging equity-based crowdfunding platform in Europe implying that anyone can be a financer from the public. The platform promotes investments for startups and rising companies working in the field of online corporate finance. With a total of 6 investments, Loxonet startup is the latest one.


StartNext is the biggest crowdfunding community for an innovative project in Germany. Through this crowdfunding platform, all kinds of artists, creative minds, and entrepreneurs represent their unique future imaginations for collecting funds with the assistance of multiple supporters. Since 2010, the platform has done only one funding round.


In a tedious world of the pandemic, while everyone is trying to opt for something productive online, SeedMatch is a crowdfunding platform that helps them to participate as online investors. However, every investor has to chisel the portfolio and an efficient online profile.

Top crowdfunding platforms in the United Kingdom


It is an authorized crowdfunding platform in the U.K that involves data scientists, investment professionals, marketers, and software developers with a single aim of being the top investors in history. The company implements startup portfolios that can’t predict the future, but work hard to make it bright. The latest investment was done in a startup named “Thrive” which basically generates digital applications combating mental disorders.


With the dedication of helping U.K based entrepreneurs and potential startups, CrowdCube provides real equity to the investors in the startups they fund. This crowdfunding platform allows rising firms to connect with interested investors. More specifically, it is a community where business persons pool their money and knowledge to bring a shinning idea into reality. The platform has exceeded all records by making total investments worth 1,372.

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